Pension One

He was quite used to this scene. It had happened so many times in the past two years, which did not care. Next morning breakfast at a nearby bar to the pension. Scattered on the counter were the newspapers of the day. He took one of them and was reading it.

He stopped at the job section and analyzed one by one, each of the orders, assessing their options. He found one who asked men's clothing salesman, who was interested. He wondered how he would perform this task. He laughed, thinking what could you say to a man when he had to please him. He thought it would be better women's clothing section. There does know what he had to say. a l was glib with women. The conquered easily.

Also known owner of a lovely smile and I knew the effect this has on them. No doubt he would have liked more than were women's clothing, but very reluctantly order was for menswear Although the previous day had been walking a lot, no one had noticed the names of the streets and did not know how to get the business so asked the waiter. He said he was quite nearby. A simple combination of subway stations 2 and 3 respectively, almost in front of local cease. He decided to return to the board and change clothes to something more formal. When he thought that the costumes was right turned to the establishment. He had a short interview. His interviewer had the face of good friends.