Person Management Made Easy

TOM audio PM-55 portable speaker for on the road-good news for all, have enough to bear the responsibility: the handy speaker for tour guides and tour guides, weighs only 2 kg! The TOM-audio pm-55 it is even a complete person leadership system. Microphone and full-range speaker, communication with the travel group works without that the speaker must bring his voice. The built-in MP-3 Player provides a varied design, loosen the Guide einspielbare Word and musical contributions. Reinforcement for the voice of the ergonomically shaped speakers, the Guide while walking helps, weighs only 2 kg. Nevertheless it is a fully equipped facility, consisting of full-range loudspeaker, player, and a wired microphone. As a so-called person leadership system is ideally suited for guided tours of all kinds, be it through the town, by the operation or an exhibition building. PM-55 is the lightest model the TOM’s audio series.

A speaker that comes with larger groups have a tendency to drift apart. A leadership can change literally in the length, where rear participants have little chance of the events to follow. The PM-55 passenger management system makes it the tour guide significantly lighter to keep the participants together and up to date. With his hand-held microphone, he can appeal to the group, they draw attention to points of interest, and give explanations. Through the portable speakers the information when the audience comes in good transmission quality and clearly.

The playback device for SD card and USB stick is housed in the speaker cabinet. Occasional recordings of Word and music contributions supplement the leadership effectively. You give the speaker a little breathing space and contribute to make the event as interesting and varied. Immediately one after the other to serve multiple tours, no problem is, because with the powerful Up to 8 hours of battery life, lithium-ion battery can be achieved. Information that come the opportunities are diverse, involving people in walking and during short stops should be provided with addresses or information.