Portal Jobs

A year ago, in the blast zone was opened portal 'Jobs in Odessa. " Despite the youth of the site, they are already interested in the major recruitment agencies and hundreds of applicants. Much popularity for one so young, so, moreover, regional project. Her reason, in my view, is hidden in the approach to development. The creators decided not to save the site: abandoned existing malofunktsionalnyh Web engines, writing a completely new and unique software software. As a result, several new features on the site, which have no analogues among the competitors. I would especially like to acknowledge the notification of users via sms and the presence of pda and wap-viewing options (at site is displayed on the screens of PDAs, smartphones, and even ordinary cell phones, which allows the applicant to obtain the most current information, not being tied to a computer). It is worth mentioning that the function of sms-notification, as well as all services site absolutely free.

For basic functionality the user does not even need to register: search, selection and viewing positions available immediately. Browse By the way, is available via RSS and mailing lists – great for those who value their time. In addition to developing unique and has been improved and standardized modules. For example, a common helper in the creation of a summary (here it's called 'The Master resume') on the 'Careers in Kharkiv " has undergone a number of changes. The most important – the ability to directly save the resulting resume on your computer in the format of MS Word.