President Ethanol

Only lack Colombia, who is the third largest producer of biofuels in America, to consolidate the new power energy in the region, since Brazil and United States will underpin a radical change to the energy matrix of the world in the next 20 to 30 years, so note it President Lula da Silva in his radio show coffee with the President. The union of these two countries is no coincidence they represent 70 percent of the ethanol produced in the world. The cooperation between the two countries will serve to promote the worldwide use of ethanol, theme which will be included on the agenda dealing with both Presidents, George W. Bush and Lula, in the visit which will be made in Washington at the end of this month. When asked about matters that will discuss with Bush in Washington, Lula said that ethanol and biodiesel, are the result of a productive relationship Brazil – United States, which says the President must take into account that United States continues to be the main single partner that has Brazil. The carioca President pointed out that even though Brazil has a historical relationship with the United States, it does not neglect its greater commitment, the process of strengthening of the Mercosur, the Constitution of the South American community of Nations and the Latin American integration process. The Governments of Washington and Brasilia signed in Sao Paulo, during Bush’s visit on his tour of Latin America in Brazil, a protocol of cooperation to promote the use of ethanol, as well as new quality parameters for that fuel derived from alcohol obtained from the sugar cane and corn. However, during the visit, Bush left well clear to Lula that Washington will keep in force a tariff of 54 cents that Americans charge per each gallon of ethanol imported from Brazil. Lula did not mention the American fare, but ratified his lathe demand that industrialized countries eliminate bulky subsidies granted to their agricultural producers.