Product Delivery

Article that outlines the main advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping dropshipping has been very flourishing in America and the rest of the world where somehow fluent in English. Without doubt, has a number of benefits listed below. Low Investment: Using the dropshipping does not require physical space to store merchandise. This results in no need for stores, and staff. There Dropshippers do not charge for their services in management, others do it through an annual fee that ranges between 50 and 100 USD. As in everything there who only uses free, without having assessed the advantages that if they charge a fee. You do not need inventory: By bringing the management directly through dropshippers, they take care of that task, inventory, stock minimum, maximum, storage, insurance, wear and tear of the same, theft …

Product Delivery: Another of the tasks that handles dropshipping provider is collecting, packaging and sending orders to your customers that you make. It saves considerable time if you had to you or have staff do it for you. No minimum purchases: By providing the dropshipper of organized log'sitica own store, do not require in most cases to purchase a minimum stock. This is another great advantage, because in time you can do with a portfolio of several dropshippers to be able to buy the same product if you do not have stock in one of them, and even go putting together a catalog of products for a niche or subnichos of specific markets. As with any business, besides the positive aspects of dropshipping, there is a downside.

Here we comment some disadvantages of this system (fortunately, nothing serious and very easy to overcome once you know how): Violate the terms and conditions of some pages of online sales: To avoid inconvenience some of the pages are provided online sales in non-permissive contract for sale of products in stock are not available. The curious thing is that it is estimated that almost 40% sellers of such sites employing him. To solve this problem it is necessary to specify it on the auction page itself. "The product could be shipped from the manufacturer directly." Little or no knowledge of the product: When you open an online store through dropshipping you can not just sell only what you know, at least when it begins to take shape, and customers can begin to ask you for different products. The problem presented here is that all products meet or features. It is therefore important that you have the most accurate information and especially information that is likely to be requested by the prospective client. Some dropshippers usually have complete information including photographs, in other cases it will not. Do not forget that you are responsible: One thing to note is that the client even though he delivered a product that comes from the other side of the world, the customer is yours and not your dropshipper. (Errors in shipments, delays, failures …). You and only you are the one who has to apologize to him. Increased competition: Do not be alone in selling products through dropshipping, and when we refer to this means that as your competitors will use these services. Cunning, skill and good strategies, in many cases will make you take the client to buy what you sell.