Renowned Spa Town

Morning Fango, evenings Tango – this phrase is well known and synonymous with treatments in the Abano Terme. Abano is a small town in the province of Padua in Northern Italy. The place is known, because it includes the Euganean Hills. In these thermal water, which is said to have a healing springs. Bromine iodine brine water of these sources can reach temperatures of 87 C, and has a slight, but non-hazardous radioactivity. For many centuries this water is used for the treatment of sick people. Today, there are numerous Spa and wellness hotels in the vicinity, which take advantage of the benefits of the site.

The Euganean Hills take their name from the gave, a people who lived in the 9th century in this area. However, you were verbrieben by Trojans and Venets. Early evidence shows that they have used the hot springs by the Venets. But it is quite likely that the Trojans knew how to appreciate the benefits of warm water. Abano fell in the year 1405 to the Republic of Venice. This changed, as the Kingdom of Italy was founded in 1866. This year but something else took place, which was ultimately important for Abano. Namely, it was built a rail line from Bologna to Padua.

Before it moved to Abano wealthy people from all over Europe, but the year 1866 can be seen as the beginning of modern tourism in the chic spa town. Already existed by the way, a total of 228 rooms in the hotels in the town. There are some interesting sights in Abano. The Cathedral of San Lorenzo is worth in any case a visit which has been built in 1780. Only the Campanile, the Bell Tower remains of the old church, which previously stood at this site. He was partly built in 1314. But the facade has been added which only made of trachyte, a volcanic rock, in 1967. For lovers of physics and of nature, there is a large Sundial on the Piazza del sole della pace. It is located directly in front of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and has enormous dimensions. For a beautiful afternoon in pleasant surroundings is this place just right. In a beautiful Cup of coffee to drink an espresso and watching the passing people, fun is not only Italians. As a tourist you can leave affect the beautiful place to leisurely driving peace of mind. For a little trip the small pilgrimage church is Madonna della salute. It is a nice walk from the spa centre. It was built in the first half of the 15th century. After an extensive restoration in the 1970s she is open to interested visitors. A highlight is the fountain, which is located in front of the Church, because it promotes thermal water for days. Madonna della Salute is often also the dignified setting for concerts. The acoustics of the Church is very beautiful, so definitely worth the visit of a musical evening. Abano is a spa as you could wish. The pleasant climate along with the beautiful landscape forms the basis for a great stay. The modern spa and wellness hotels comply with also Upscale. But the atmosphere of the place, which is miles away from the hectic everyday world in Central Europe is even more important. Although modern, the infrastructure is, but sometimes it, as had stopped time in Abano works. This is the right place for a spa trip. Back to come and relax, there is hardly a better place.