Sanchez Paredes

So much so that they had a pairing in the offender Fujimori with the APRA Government; conciliation and resistance in the conservation of their interests and consequently the APRA a very overlap understanding with Fujimori offenders. As we can see was a chain in which the three were swept away, for the conservation of their privileges, therefore when the new general education Act was given, and after their regulations and their implementations, there was no resistance from the national leadership, only rose anti-establishment sectors always, but also without articulation or conservation of its own forces in the fight that was coming.But problems for the State every day will be accentuated. And such is their greed that don’t care about their alliance with the forces of drug trafficking that are looking for social recognition. Such is the case of the family of drug traffickers Sanchez Paredes. We do not know if they are protected not only by the State, that if we already know it and its judiciary; If not also by United States and their central intelligence agency, which evince because its double moral. Well that us not surprised since it is always his practice in all the world, it seems to happen with the events of September Eleven appearing each day are more shadows of doubts of those who were its real actors. But returning to the family of drug dealers, who ufanan have the endorsement of the most big powerful in the world, so also include most of this Government’s support, so much so that the majority of pro-Government congressmen are named among its regular visitors and advocates about allegations of abuses and killings committed by this family.