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Yellow Pages – a search and information portal, whose task is to merge into a single information catalog businesses and organizations high-tech industries. Information always has been and is one of the key moments of the effective promotion of business. The rapid development of Internet technology and communications have allowed to create an additional tool to more effectively develop and expand your business, allowing to receive unbiased information for solving problems in the field of promotion of products / services, find new partners and markets. In directory-based on information about companies, organizations and private individuals accumulated over a long period of cooperation, communication, search for partners and customers. The project is aimed at each user with minimal effort, could quickly and efficiently get the information required without resorting to searching the Internet spending additional time to process large amounts of information.

Updating information and updating of the database is ongoing, so you can get reliable information and increase its relevance. Directory contains contact information for businesses, for an indefinite period of accommodation, as well as information about products, services and needs of registered participants. To To use this service, you register it is desirable, it can be done on our website. Additional information is available at Andrew Cuomo. If your business activity in common with the theme of the portal and it has not yet submitted to it, put information about it by filling the registration form.

Online Marketing

And not just a used, but also new, as stores also expose goods for sale. In addition, online auction you can buy rare items that you will not find in stores. 5. Can I get a refund if I am still deceived? It all depends on your situation, but many cases money back (especially considering that Cases of fraud are extremely rare). This is explained by the desire autsionov that sell goods, intermediaries who provide access to auctions, payment systems, through which payments are to maintain good reputation, on which depends the success of the business as a whole. So stumble on rogue at auction – a great rarity. And if you pay attention, if not impossible.

6. The mediator itself is being traded? Facilitators give you the opportunity to choose products and place bets on an online auction on their own, in real time. Ie you act as if trading in the original auction, but not for site-mediator. And if he wins the auction of your purchase will be the most that neither is real. 7. How can I check the goods on online auction site? One of the main features of the remote purchase of goods – the inability to touch the goods hands. You just have to trust the description and photos. Typically, the description is very detailed and the photos do not hide, and show defects in the goods.

If, however, doubts remain, you may want to enter into correspondence with the seller and all the details. In Internet auctions safeguards have been on the conscience of the seller, but he is not interested in cheating, as it can badly affect its rating or even lead to the ban – a loss of the right to sell at auction. 8. What makes sense to buy on the Internet? In general, There are no restrictions, you can buy everything you need. Consider only the shipping cost – if you buy large items, it can block the benefits of the acquisition at auction – features are produced in a country (eg Japan voltage is 110 volts and the entire electrical engineering is designed for this voltage). Buying, for example, the Japanese online auction site Yahoo, you can choose: home appliances, electronics, sports products, photo, video, computers, flash memory, clocks, toys, books, magazines, comic books, office supplies, glasses, antiques and t.d.9. How to deliver the goods bought at auction? Intermediaries, giving access to the Internet auction site, take the themselves and the delivery of goods. Depending on the size and weight of the goods it can be delivered by mail, courier services, sea or to combine several methods of delivery to the addressee. 10. I do not have bank accounts. Will I be able to fly at online auction? It depends on the auction and on how your participation in it. Chances are, if you do not have a bank account, you will need to hire the services of intermediary sites. Transfer money to the intermediary, you can convenient for your way. In this case, it will be possible to return the balance of the money or use them for these purchases.