Earnings Sent

I'll tell you: 1. How brazen lohotronschiki deceive people in the amount of 500 hryvnia (WebMoney), and some to even greater amount. 2. How to cheat lohotronschikov and earn 120 hryvnia (WebMoney) Subject 1. The history of "How I cheated them and have a stable 120 hryvnia "Founded I'm online somewhere an article about this content:" There is magic in WebMoney purse, and all that you have to send it back to you in three times the size! Any amount of 5 hryvnia and higher! Send a thousand, and get three etc ".

Of course, everyone understands scam, but if poryt deeper I do not believe it, but for a test sent 5 hryvnia. Through somewhere 5:00 Yandex checked my purse and found a translation of a 15-hryvnia! I was surprised. Sent then 10 hryvnia, again the same thing. Then he sent 30 hryvnia, I received 90. Emboldened finally sent everything that I had nearly 150 hryvnia … What happened next, I think you already understand. No 450 hryvnia me nobody sent, and my 150 hryvnia, too, are gone forever … Clearly they work.

They had the server is a tricky program that takes the sum of 5 hryvnia and to about 40 hryvnia (sent them 50 hryvnia, and they were taken, and 40 program returned 120 grn.) That's thousands of spikes! In general, this I mean that, if being neat and send, a small amount (they accept any amount, but not less than 20 hryvnia), you can always get three times as much. They have a special program that looks, but who did the translation for what amount, to determine when to kidanut. Transfers amount to 40 they do not pick up ever. That is, sending a 40 hryvnia in any case you will get 120, because amount of fine and they will wait until you send more. If you gently send them a small amount then they can be deceiving. They no longer look at the translations themselves, for them it makes a special software (program), which makes the likelihood of fraud. Now I earn about 2700 at this hryvnia per week (you can do and more). This is not millions, but it is more or less stable income. Money on these purses of hundreds of thousands, and I was very annoying as they throw people on the need to destroy them. That is itself a purse: U378881749963 (WebMoney) Attention! I repeat! bid to raise is not necessary, because if rate above 40 hryvnia the program takes them did not even try! I'm doing the same thing and get around 2700 a week, which I very much is enough! Send this message to all visited sites, bankrupts lohatronschikov together. In general, I have told me that I needed. Next decide for yourself your work …