The Difference Between Thought and Action

Making plans is one thing, take action and ended is another matter. I want you 4 tips that can help you to achieve your goals for the new year ahead. When the year is coming to an end you like almost all have the perfect excuse to make new plans for next year. Although this does not stop bringing you some frustration at not having achieved the goals set for this year, which by now have become unreachable, or simply do not have any interest in it, but if you’ve been thinking about new goals for the next year, here are four tips to help you try on these plans I wanted to do or are the plans that others have told me to do? Make sure that each project is something you definitely want to achieve, not an attempt to half impulse, not propose goals that are not really interested in reaching.

If necessary change plans go ahead. 2. My goals are reasonable yon reaching far beyond what would normally be expected? Say your goal is to lose 30 kilos in the next year. While his desire to weight loss is admirable, but time to exercise regularly? Disposition to change your eating habits? What would be better for you to reduce this target to 15 kilos? Consider your health: physical and mental evaluation of their goals. Consider how they may affect his plans to the members of his family. 3. I failed: But I continue. The path to any target is covered with difficulties and often can fall and fall but do not be discouraged if you fall: starts again as necessary.

Find someone to help you in your responsibility to encourage someone to keep their plans. 4. Do not let anything blur its objective. At the end of the year, treat yourself by how well you’ve kept your plans. Be clear that these plans are for your benefit. Your attitude toward a project he culminate help or leave it halfway. Any determination made if you do not have all of your enthusiastic support, without a doubt will become an obstacle and may not reach half of the year when they desist from their purpose. Remember, these plans Son wanted to do? Evaluate the plans I can achieve reasonable son? Try again? Nothing will blur their goal.