(Translated from Valencian) The profane, or lacking a sensitive palate, say paella for all rice flavored with that container. To savor a good paella is not from cramming the receptacle with ingredients more or less strange, quirky, colorful or cranks. To consider delicious paella, rice must find in its point, dry, loose, separate beads, each bead has its own personality: to get all these qualities will be fair and precise ingredients; rice, oil, vegetables, chicken, rabbit, fresh and exclusive, all pure ambrosia. Another necessary clarification, his name: is Paella, paella pan do not therefore say. -Paella, is as always calls him to singular container, that by their measurements are you been devoid of the handle and instead have been set you two handles, so it is a receptacle metallic, round, width, concave and shallow. Surely the word comes from latin patella.

The fact of saying paella, is only invoked the receptacle or pan, but we must assume, by demanding that we try to be with the lexicon, the term in its origin, refers to the content, and not to the continent. In the letter of any restaurant in the world, from the most luxurious to the more modest, appears written paella-Paella Yes,- and not paella pan as some say out of ignorance; -paella pan in any case, would be the Cook, and not the container where cooking the paella which since its birth in the three Valencian provinces always has been said and written paella, and never with the paella pan neogolismo. Accurate and precise ingredients ingredients and accurate to spice up the authentic Paella are.-rice, chicken, rabbit, ripe tomato, white bean or tabella, wide green beans or ferraura, demijohn; In addition to sweet red paprika, saffron in dry branch-, oil olive, salt, and water. A secret-with a saucepan Apart with water are placed a few sprigs of Rosemary and once water has boiled will pass through a sieve so that their strands do not disturb at lunchtime.