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Floor Screed

Under its production does not require additional production – hence the low cost of manufacture and respectively the price of sex is rynke.Elementy sheets, 2 cm thick, molded chips out of cardboard and plaster, reinforced with fibers, to reinforce the words prochnosti.Drugimi recycled paper + gips.Dlya production of both, Again, no extra capacity. Hence the savings and careful use of raw materials and manpower in the country and the enterprise. What sort of benefits becomes final consumer, you ask? This ecological floor material at a cheap price. When using dry screed, the consumer receives a distinct advantage in terms of leveling floor screed installation or repair of the old flooring. Process leveling subfloor dry floor screed is two, maximum three days in the apartment.

In this dry screed floor is immediately ready for operation. It does not need to dry 8-28 days as opposed to cement screeds and screed. Tiffany & Co. is often quoted on this topic. The advantage of dry floor screed about balancing a wooden subfloor is dry screed that does not squeak, do not crack and does not separate from the excess moisture in all the operation of the floor, and the fact that the dry screed sex is much cheaper in price and material costs for work on the installation of the subfloor. There are additional features and benefits that you get when choosing a dry floor screed. This additional heat and soundproofing the floor by a layer keramzita.Na dry screed floor can immediately put the construction of drywall partitions and in the form of walls, which greatly accelerates the timing of repair.

Dry Floor Screed keeps on himself, without prejudice, 500 lbs. distributed load per square meter, and 200 kg. point load on sm.kv. So, in other words, the supply far exceeds its strength pedestrian loads that are in your apartment. Acquainted with the masters of the installation dry floor screed Knauf at this link also repair sex site hard worker. py can get acquainted with various experts in the repair of apartments and make an order for the necessary works for you upgrading your zhilya.Tam can be found with the experts of various specialties, read reviews of people who ordered their various repair rabot.Nazhmite this link Rabotyaga.ru


Code a lot of centuries ago, the house was only for the person shelter, but now it was not the case. Hear from experts in the field like Western Union for a more varied view. The concept of "interior design" has become a real science. The owners and the huge houses and small apartments will always want the best to organize the room and decorate every corner posimpotichnee. To read more click here: Western Union. Decor of rooms apartment differs from the interior of houses. The interiors of houses, most of all – it is large-scale projects. Apartments do require more detailed work, and more work on the layout.

Independently create a design of the apartment or home design afford not to everyone. As elsewhere, the notion of design win-win situation – refer to specialists. Fortunately, finding professional, rendering such services is quite simple. Now specialization interior designer is very popular among creative people. The representatives of this profession can create real masterpieces of interior design. In Clients also no lack of – first-class design house or apartment design is required for all of the small business and more. For service design apartments in Minsk and can be accessed in the design studio and a freelance designer. K example, the design studio can not only develop the idea of the interior, but also to organize yourself repairs.

In addition, for the design studio has a reputation of great importance. Therefore, to work in design studios are taking the challenges craftsmen. And another story: No matter how many look to the meaning of interior design – no single treatment will not give it in words, because it is about saying "This is a must see." Today, interior design, not only in fashion, it is an integral part of the human person, the opportunity – to surround yourself fitting comfort. One might think that this is a nod to modernity, but you can dig a little deeper, and learn the history of design. The natural history of design Too deeply penetrate not necessarily enough to first look around and notice that the birds build their nests, animal burrows … and the birds nest are different, and the beasts lair not similar, and all because of his peculiar to each individual comfort that everyone expects the size of dwelling appropriate to their needs. What can we say about man? If the nature of the states that living beings take care of their convenience, whether or not to assume that ever not been claimed by the interior design? Even the cavemen tried to fill the comfort of their homes, and if they have been pursued more practical interior, rather than its luxury, it still helped to create comfortable atmosphere. Of course, the tables of the bones are not common in modern design, but the animal skins on the floor and walls were a sign of prosperity, and few people would not want a gimmick spread out around the fireplace.

Wooden Window Selections

For wooden windows we used to since childhood. They are convenient and reliable, have excellent thermal protection, excellent sound insulation, high frost resistance. Wooden windows have an attractive appearance and fit almost any interior house or apartment: from contemporary to antique interior. Will it please you purchased a window, or distress, depending on how correct is the choice. Here are a few rules that should guide the choice: In the manufacture of windows should not be used in the core of the tree.

Of course, sawn timber to verify you will not be allowed, but many reputable companies are in addition to windows and materials from which they are made. In addition beam can be considered in the corner of the window. Remember, the core is different from other parts of the tree by the presence of annual rings in the rod should not be knots and pitch pockets; Surface windows should be painted with quality paints, should not be a drip, to touch the surface of timber should be level, in quality wooden box is not permissible to use hardware manufacturer unknown, no fillet be fastened to a sash with ordinary nails And most importantly, truly high-quality product can not be cheap, because their production is in itself quite costly. What are wooden windows? Depending on the design of wooden windows are divided into two groups: those with separate wings and with dual panes (two frames are connected by bolt-on). The first type belong to us all the known Russian box, the second – eurowinows (German window), Norwegian and Finnish window.