Employees in Marketing and Advertising

For example, employees involved in marketing and advertising, can count the number of responses to advertising (the number of potential clients, please call or come to the office of the company's advertising). Employees involved in sales, can count the number of calls made, number of appointments, number of meetings held by relating; Oceania number of meetings held by the number of transactions, the number of names of potential buyers received from loyal customers. Based on statistical data, we can determine which division your organization is most effective. why statistical indicators? 1. The fact that you can measure and reward, will be satisfied.

2. You can see, improving the situation remains unchanged or deteriorates. 3. You can determine whether an action is successful or not. 4.

You can develop a strategy for your organization based on statistical indicators, rather than on assumptions. 5. Operate on the basis of statistics is better and safer than driving, guided by rumors, hunches, intuition, or personal hostility. 6. Statistics give you available facts and only facts. 7. You can define for employees of precise rules under which will be measured by their work, and in which case they will receive a prize. 8. Statistics show you what areas your work need correction or improvement. 9. Statistics provide key data for assessing performance. 10. If you can not measure some work, then perhaps it is not broken "and a penny worth it. That's why you need the numerical indicators – Statistics. maintenance schedules In fact, many companies keep records of statistics: record numbers in the table but do not inflict them on the charts.