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In this competitive time, it s not possible to make great difference at once. Big career is usually created from lots of trifles, so we should pay attention to trifles and deal with them steadfastly. Most of the time one little thing determines our success and failure. The rotary drying machine from Henan Hongxing is designed very nice in the details even for one tiny accessory, so the machine enjoys good fame in the market. Work principle of slime drying machine is as follows: slime itself has high water content, and high adhesion features. In drying process, the wet slime through belt conveying machine entered slime scattered device.

After scattered, entered negative pressure drying slime block fast machine, and it is divided into following several work areas: one area is Guide material area, wet slime enters into this area and contacts with high negative pressure hot air temperature, so wet slime will quickly out large amount of water evaporation. The lower part of such bearing base consists of two rooms and a water room circulating oil. In each lubricating oil room, the oil height can reach in the position of inner diameter of the bearing; the floor plane can reach the oil room floor. One-third volume of rolling bearing is immersed in thin lubricating oil room, which ensures good lubrication of rolling bearings. There is circulating cooling water between the two rooms, and cooling water will cool bearings to oil to proper temperature. So, it is able to guarantee bearing lubrication requirements, and does not need to use such complex peripheral facilities as extra lubrication station, neither install temperature control device, this system itself can achieve safe operation.As the professional manufacturer of Rotary ACE complete sets of machinery, such mining dryer, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.flotation machine: Drying machine is a horizontal direction and slightly into the cylinder of tilt, material from one end of the higher to join, high temperature hot flue gas flow into the cylinder, the cylinder body rotation as material andmaterial to run up to a lower end. In the cylinder on the wall of the copy board the material start to copy and sprinkle with, make the material of the surface in contact with air flow increases, in order to improve and promote the drying rate on materials. Rotary dryer adopts socket set of listed structure that enables to shorten the length of it. The reduction of heat dissipation surface helps to reduce heat consumption and the increasing heat exchange surface greatly improves heat efficiency. As for those materials that cannot contact smoke, multi-cylinder rotary dryer supplies the internal flue as well as annular flue inside and outside the cylinder respectively, and each flue uses radical flue to communicate with each other, it is also efficient and energy-saving. It is obvious that this equipment is regarded as a telescope-feed rotary cooler for feed and cool medium hot.