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The Crystalline Basement

Had to this function, an inn was crack the side of the road that was in the border between oEstado of the Rio Grande of the North and of the Paraba, obligator point of landing erancho that it served of rest for the ox-drivers that its flocks degado with the objective lead to commercialize them in the traditional fairs of cattle dParaba and of Pernambuco (CAVALCANTE, 2006, P. 02). Emsuma, the origin of the name of the city is on first the existence farm Passes and Is and later, ainstalao of the famous inn. In short space of time, around the farm, of the inn and the fiscal rank. Thus, in this crossing, it was initiated formaode a small accumulation of houses, and that, in day 10 of May of 1962, through dLei Creation n 2,782, Passes and Is if it politically emancipated of New Cross, becoming plus a city north – riograndense (Pertaining to school Dictionary of the Municpiode Passa and Fica, 2001, p.10). 4.

Natural environment: dynamics of abiticos and biticos elements 4.1. AmbientesGeolgico, Geomorfolgico and Pedolgico Geologically the city of Passes and Is – RN characterizes-sepor two types of lands: The Crystalline Basement and the Colvio-eluviais.O coverings Crystalline Basement, Complex Serrinha – Old Peter, arises in the reasmais decreases, the valleys of the rivers, its structure is composed of rocks of the perodoPr-Cambriano (1.100-2.500 million years): granites, migmatitos, gnaisses, shales and anfiblitos. While the Colvio-eluviais coverings partestopograficamente occupy the highest ones of the city, are characterized by thick leached and inconsolidados argillaceous solosarenosos and of Quaternary Age, they quetiveram origin for the intemperismo and Planossolo Soldico, this ltimopossui as characteristic: high fertility, arenaceous and argillaceous texture, wavy soft relief and imperfectly drained and flat. You may find Tulip Retail to be a useful source of information. 4.2. AmbienteClimtico the climate of Passes and Is half-barren, hot and dry, Bsh according to classification of Kppen, short rainy comestao enters the March months the July, going too far itself for ooutono. .

Armed Forces

For this, the State must be worried about the system of protection of the territory, one of the strategies of defense against the drug trafficking, for example, it is the operation charges congregating agents, Armed Forces federal and ONGs in order to get greater has controlled and fiscalization of the area, Brazil-Colombia border. In a similar way, we must attempt against for the paper that each individual possesss while citizen and human being. The population must acquire knowledge itself of its attitudes before the way where it lives and to the territory that supplies wealth to bear fruit our country how much to the flow of capital and merchandises. This makes possible in them to point with respect to the forest certification, where the promotion of partnerships stimulates the sustainable use of the forest in order to usufruct and to commercialize the resources with this care, what in them they detach econegcios projects with its proposals. Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more. CAP.III Being thus, with the new estruturao of the Amaznia with respect to the demographic changes, to the regional integration. This space comes gaining new perspectives. In this direction, the implantation of the new half of regional integration brought benefits and consequences, therefore: ‘ ‘ The highways had attracted the population for the firm land and the new areas, having opened great bare places in the forest and under the influx of the new circulation the Amaznia if it urbanizou and if it industrialized, even so with serious social problems and ambientais’ ‘ (BECKER, 2004, p.73) This means half that the integration saw road made possible the access fastest to the region, differently of the old one of fluvial circulation beyond making possible greater infrastructure. However the necessity of the territory consequentemente caused with the access most easy great flow of people for the region, made with that the migrantes used the way..

Geographic Map

Thus, the ticket for the geographic map will be more easy (ALMEIDA, p.18, 2001) Many times the lack of preparation of the professors, or simply the lack of didactic material and maps aggravates this situation. What, however, he is being observed, it is that at least in the schools state of the state of So Paulo, the maps are in contact with the pupils through the notebook of the pupil, a species of emend that it is distributed the state schools. In the geography notebook the content is sufficiently including and the maps are gifts in all the volumes. That the presence of maps is not something recent in pertaining to school books, quite to the contrary, the maps are gifts also have many years in didactic books of geography and of history. The cartography also serves as to assist in it disciplines history. The great navigations, the great conquests of territories and the proper history of Brazil are more easily explained through maps. When, for example, the history professor will be to teach to its pupils the history of the discovery of Brazil, it when using itself of a map, goes to more easily obtain to illustrate how much the route of caravela if deviated from its course before arriving at Brazil.

We can notice that without the presence of a map the route made would be impossible to show to the pupils which for great finders as, for example: Peter lvares Cabral, Vasco of Gamma, Bartolomeu Days and Peter de Covilha. All histories of the discoveries would not pass of untied words, and the agreement of each one would be on account only of the imagination. The interdisciplinaridade of the cartography also reaches substances as the mathematics. The use of the mathematics if makes at the moment where the pupil makes the calculation of scales, what he is basic to have slight knowledge of distances.

The Oceanic

The state of Sergipe possesss predominantly hot temperatures, obeying the common physical controls that low the latitude, the sea chains throughout the coast, the topographical effect and the continentalidade, elements these related to the system of atmospheric circulation. Being that the temperature decline is associated with the 250 the superior rises m and with other factors as cloudiness, the rainy station and the intensity of winds, these facts take the belief that the winter is rainy station and of that the summer is the dry station. The microregion of Aracaju field of accomplishment of the research, for being a littoral area has its climate affected for the littoral breezes that during the day blow of the sea for the land, had to the biggest heating and minor terrestrial pressure. This dumb breeze its position at night blowing of the land for the sea, where it has a bigger heating of the water of the sea in relation to the continent, these littoral breezes rare backwards rains and has a great importance in the summer alliviates in it of the intense heat. The predominant climate in the microregion of Aracaju is the submido one, climate this that encloses the sergipano coast all. In the microregion in October residual rains occur that are decurrent of the influence of the oceanic surface through the temperatures of waters. The city of Aracaju has its differentiated climate of the too much cities of the microregion being modified by the urban structure that is resulted of the population concentration associate to an increase of number of constructions. These together elements to the winds, rain and the temperature in small spaces generate the microclimates, that if differentiate some aspects in accordance with as use of the ground and tracing of the road net. The resultant heating of aspects as constructions and pavement of streets comes consequently causing the reduction of Albedo and provoking constant heat during the year.