Eduardo Nogara

However, with the technological advances and the dissemination of the information, the man comes if becoming a new consumer. Thinking in this, the commerce already if adapta to this new profile of consumption. The new consumer is more conscientious in the hour of the purchase and demands, each time more, a differentiated attendance. He is informed, cliente of its rights, receptive to the innovations and with little available time. He presents low tolerance to the bad attendance and the services of low quality. He makes necessary to comment itself that the great differential in the men is that the same does not enter in the store if its intention will not be to buy, as is the case of the majority of the women.

That is, the women buy something that they had liked and the men buy something that they need. Both spend, but the form and mainly the reason of the expenses is well distinct, but the masculine consumption not yet is compared with the feminine expenses. Richers (1984) characterizes the behavior of the consumer for carried through the mental and emotional activities in the election, purchase and use of products/services for the satisfaction of necessities and desires. A time that the intention of the marketing is centered in taking care of and satisfying to necessities the desires of the consumers one becomes basic to know its behavior of purchase. Churchill and Peter (2000) ' ' they consider in the process of purchase of the consumer in social influences and influences situacionais' ' , the internal and external factors are several that influence the process of taking of decision of purchase of the consumers. The 0 variable that influence in the process of purchase decision meet divided influence between them ambient, the individual differences and the personal factors. An example of these influences would be the profile of some consumers, as the masculine consultant of style cites fashionable and proprietor of the Edward store, Eduardo Nogara, where it tells that two types of consumers exist basically when the subject is masculine clothes.