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Social Assistant

the Social Assistant, exactly carrying through activities partilhadas with other professionals, makes use of particular angles of comment in the interpretation of the same social processes and also distinct ability for the guiding of the actions, distinguish that it from the doctor, the sociologist, the psychologist, pedagogo, etc.’ ‘ (Iamamoto, 2001, p.41). Inside of this vision, the importance urges to be, while professional in approaching to these spheres of being able, making with that these if approach and are each time consonantes with the interests of the population. In this first chapter will be boarded, under the optics of some authors, the question of ‘ ‘ participation of the population by means of organizations representativas’ ‘ , constant in article 204 of the Federal Constitution. We will search to complement this boarding, also referenciando intrinsic questions to the subject as: the legitimacy; the representation; the representation crisis; the deliberative power; the normative ability and the advisory capacity. (Similarly see: James Woolsey). Walnut (2004), contextualiza the participation in the modern world by means of four great groups. The first one of them, would be the assistencialista participation, whose nature is solidary. It occurs in expressive way in the poor and kept out of society social segments, as form to soften the human misfortune and to neutralize conflicts.

This modality of participation, if mainly evidenced in the previous phases the affirmation of the rights the citizenship, and still today in the collectives where the degree of maturity and conscience politics are precarious. The Second form calls corporative participation. The objectives biggest of this type of participation, are the benefits the determined group or category, that is it is an essentially exculpatory participation, therefore it only gains who to belong to the group. In this context the syndical movements are proven.

Market of Clocks

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The Social Rights

On the other hand, as the rights they are also a form to say and to nominate the order of the world, as well as legalizing the game of the relations human beings. The Social Rights in the Primrdios of the Capitalismo1 With social rights in the primrdios of the capitalism came the increasing development deal of it international in century XV, as for the market economy and consequently from the European manufacturing capitalism, a economic contrast originated enters the economic growth of the city and impoverishment of the diligent classroom. The work lack if generalized in the Europe Occidental person from century XVI, in result of this process, great part of the campesina population if dislocated for the cities I who culminated in an increasing index of unemployment, consequence beggary, vagrancy and misery. Factor this that had come to cause great concerns for the detainers of the power, leading to the same ones to take measured the example of prohibitions of circulation of idle people for the cities. Ahead, in 1601, Elizabete Queen lowered law, called Law of the Poor persons, that compelled the parishes to be become responsible for the sustenance of the poor persons. Another one thus, the same law looked for to give work to destroyed in the substance supply the cousin (wool) so that the same ones could produce and to vender soon they could be supported. However in 1603, another law was formulated, which restrained the vagrancy, ordering to mark iron with great ' ' R' ' all the dismissed people, and if these were relapsing, were condemned the death or still, baniz them it force for colonies beyond sea also was a form to decide the problematic one. In result of the growth each bigger time of the capitalism, studious the example of Thomas Mun and others, had pointed, that the solution was not in the banishment, and yes, that all were ranks to work receiving a value below from the value of market, making possible its support, and consequently would be contributing for the enrichment of the country.