Carnegie Group

Currently one of the roles of great importance that should be an administrator is the leader. Any head of a group should be a good leader for his team and ensure that all walk with enthusiasm and conviction towards this goal as a group have raised and which is necessary for progress of all. An important aspect that the leader should promote his group is working as a team. That is, ensure that all cooperate together to achieve the target set for the good of todos.Debe conducting workshops to establish this new work culture. Teamwork. yComo can a leader have a true team effort of its people? First of all, must know his people: his person, tastes, preferences, fears, areas of opportunity, without it becoming a true celebration of work. Know of who is forming the group and how to combine their strengths to support the shortcomings of others.

There are group dynamics that will help. Team spirit is the ability to work together in order to a common goal. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward corporate goals. It is the fuel that allows common people to achieve objectives uncommon. (Andrew Carnegie) A relevant factor, and we must not lose sight of is the maturity of each group member and its relationship with the rest of the team. Give them the opportunity to contribute ideas, points of view. Conduct workshops to promote this and be aware of what there sucede.Debe promote the participation of everyone in each of the roles that develop in the session.