The Clutch

Worm pair lubricated semi-liquid oil "Transol 100, "TAJ-17, etc. The ends of the power shaft – greases" Lithol 24. Before each departure on the robot should always check the oil in the crankcase and the worm gear and, if necessary, to fill them up the required level – this is one of the major requirements under which you will provide reliable operation motoblock for many years. Spring comes, and you certainly will be able to perform continuous processing Garden – plowing mills without upheaval reservoir. Can be used at all of this six-or four mills. Six – faster, and four – it is easier to work with. But in any case the optimum weight ratio motoblock (61 kg) and power (6 hp) eliminates slippage and its demand of the "trick" (which is typical of other motor-blocks). Conversely, when installed six mills motoblock develops a tractive force that it has to be hold.

By the way, do not try to keep the arms extended behind tractor. Go as close to him, almost between the handles, steering wheel and clicking on them, bury in the soil depth gauge. This you will ensure that inhibition of movement tillers and a maximum depth of tillage. Speed forward will be 1 1,2 km / hour. At this speed, four cutters you to process 7.5 hectare per hour. Could happen (very rarely!) So that the sandy soil due to fact that excessive braking motoblock "dig." Rocking the steering wheel and he is out of the pit.

At the same time there is no need to regularly hold the clutch engaging lever – its extreme positions recorded. Then the continuous treatment, you certainly can, attaching okuchivatel, planting potatoes: do flutes and fill them and then placing potatoes in the summer to perform multiple-entry processing and inter-row hilling potatoes, other vegetables, berries, vines, strawberries and so on., setting four, or two (always with safety features) cutters. Instead of mills on the power shaft can be mounted wheels with rubber tires, massive diameter 46 cm These wheels speed motoblock be greater than 9 km / hr. At the same time he could pull the trailer weight (with passengers and cargo) to 500 kg. But the lack of rear motoblock speed limits its application as the vehicle. Consequently, its main purpose – treatment of soil. When transporting motoblock to the workplace by any vehicle if the engine is filled with oil and fuel, it is impossible to prevent excessive (greater than 20 ) to the slopes and the more, flip it. This can cause the engine stop start! In the case of the fuzzy response coupling, the possibility of adjustment. The same applies to frequency of rotation of the shaft of the motor.