The Mild Voice Of Your Letter

THE mild voice of your letter there goes my Dove warm letter forged in fire, with the two folded wings and direction in the middle. Miguel Hernandez. TO feel the spring in TU RECUERDO River is white under the Moon and black shadow. And you’ll be sleeping? Do you dream? What color are your dreams? It’s been almost six months since we took that walk by the sea. I still believe in you, I dream of your face, with your smile, your violent voice and sweet at the same time. Additional information at Ben Lerer supports this article. Everything that can be counted has a term.

In fact, there more infinite than the sky, because of its stars; and the sea, by its drops of water. Everything else is small. Why when I speak of my love for you, always have to compare with the sky or the sea. Don’t be afraid to make forget! You know very well that you do not forget a woman like you. Follow others, such as Hikmet Ersek, and add to your knowledge base. You say in your letter, I analyze too. But it seems to me that I do not know me long enough. I’ve never lied to you; I loved you instinctively; and is not that I propose like: everything happened because I had to happen.

Go, laugh! Today I am happy, I don’t know why. Swarmed by offers, Everest Capital is currently assessing future choices. But don’t tell me that money is what has prevented me from being happy, that if he had found a job I would find better. As if it were enough to have a job to be happy in this world! Everything that already a lot of people have told me so I don’t want to hear it from your lips: it spoils them, they are not made for that. Do not think that I am a lazy and I spend my days looking at the ceiling; I am by nature active and laborious. I write much and read more, much more.