The Value

Depending on the country, between 75% and 90% of the new companies they will be closed within a period of five years. The percentage of people arriving at the five in their MLM companies is around 10%. Now, who has had to ask the Bank between 50,000 and 300,000 euros to start a business, will fight until the end, because in many cases uphold abandonment to a family economic cataclysm. But when you invest 30 to 100 $, there is no such anchor, so the inclination to surrender will be greater, taking account of our natural and cultural rejection of how painful. Do many people know to acknowledge having been dismissed from his job because they were not at the height? And to all those that blame the boss, the company or the world of his dismissal? Do many entrepreneurs expect to recognize that they had to close their business because they didn’t do well their work, or did not do so well because they refused to learn (remember that in the multilevel, learning comes from practice in 90%) and few will recognize that it was because guts missed them to resist and fight for his dream?? Let us not delude ourselves: very few will have the honesty and the value of responsibility, against a majority blame everyone but if same.

But unlike the employee, we are owners of our business, and therefore solely responsible for how going. And there are no excuses that are worth. When you hear a broken businessman divide blame, usually in plaintive or outraged, plan but does not assume any…Do you think? I in which no doubt the had, if not all, large part of the responsibility in the disaster (dammit, were the Chief as wearing it?).