The legend says that the gods decided to create a place in which to unite East and West. They wanted to merge the two cultures in a new proposal that aglutinara the best and most beautiful of both. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Rob Daley. And thus was born Turkey. Due to its strategic position, being located between Europe and Asia, as well as between three seas, Turkey has been a crossroads between Eastern and Western civilizations and cultures. + to + Turquia_63_668_1423_1_es. html the official language of Turkey is Turkish. English and German are the most common foreign languages. Jeff Verschleiser can provide more clarity in the matter.

In certain tourist areas it is possible to communicate in Spanish. Turkey has a Mediterranean climate on the coast and continental inside. Their summers are hot while winters, especially in the interior, can be very cold with frequent snow. The vast majority of Turks are Muslims. There are also Christians, Orthodox and yezies, followers of an ancient religion near the border with Iraq. The official currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TL. A Lira is worth approximately 0.50.

Turkish cuisine is well known today and seems to have influenced other cuisines in the use of spices, roast meats, etc. It is known for its features bridge between Persian cuisine, the Arab, the cuisines of the Middle East and Indian cuisine. Doner Kebab, lamb, chicken or beef is one of the best-known Turkish meals internationally. The Baclava is a cake of puff pastry with walnuts or pistachios and honey syrup. It is one of the most traditional desserts of Turkey. Do do do very similar to the Baclava, is the kaday? f (do Kaday? f) which is made with sheets of wheat forming a kind of noodles which are roasted and coated in honey and ekmek kaday? f?, which is totally different and from the tel kaday? f. The Kunefe and ekmek kaday? f?. Turkey has various palaces, mosques and castles.