Attraction Circulation

The verb to give is one of most powerful at the time of practicing a good relation with the money. As but we give but we received. Nevertheless he is very natural that affects the feeling to us of the fear at the time of giving from fear of which that money does not return or work costs to us but to recover it. The thought of loss when giving is the main error that we commit because the loss thought is the one that predominates in our mind and what this in our mind is what we attract (Law of the Attraction). The money is circulation, must flow. When having fear we are egoistic and to retain stops it the circulation, is as if a pipe is covered which prevents that the money return. The way to maintain the circulation is to begin to give without no type of fear to that it does not return, We are generous, pays to the others well, gives good gratuities, you do donations based on good intentions.

It thanks for your capacity to give and to receive. Prcticalo and you will see incredible changes. She is the same it practices for the love, it gives love and that you will receive every day more. To give and to receive are two faces of a same one currency. To let flow the money without waiting for nothing in return but with the conviction that will be given back of the form that less you imagine you do not think about how the money will return, only gives, it lets flow and that circulation will be every greater and fruitful day.

You do not worry about anything, the universe always knows what does. Ten by certainly everything what DES will be given back to you and in addition with interests. A form to give is to invest your money in options that can beneficiarte, that can raise with a lever your money. I do not close to the options of business or investment, estudialas and makes decisions. Nonpools your money, ponlo to flow, to circular that by divine law it will return with interests.