Capital Market Issue

Financing in the capital market by Dr. are jr Lutz WERNER with the emission of a company on the capital market particularly to note a number of important aspects. Here the list of some exemplary aspects: accounting aspects of the capital market issuance must company balance sheet aspects decide whether equity will be strengthened with the capital market issue or whether it is sufficient in the context of project financing, if debt with medium – and long-term nature be raised. The absorption of foreign capital, is sufficient as a bond is. This, investors can be addressed with a greater need for security. Aims to strengthen the company, however, equity, particularly mezzanine financing forms such as silent partnerships and certificates/banknotes in consideration come as well as offering full share such as shares and Kommanditbeteiligungen. In a design of own capital replacement are the acquired funds balance sheet, no debt, but increase the equity ratio of the company.

Rights the Extent of influence of the capitalists can be controlled by the choice of certain forms of financing according to the needs of the existing shareholders and the demands of investors. A representation of investors is foreseen, shares are suitable instruments. No rights are, however, bondholders, whose funding but to point out are as foreign capital in the company. Particularly medium-sized companies would equity strengths like, but for the already mentioned reasons continue sole men’s in the House”remain. Here, own capital replacement participation rights and silent participations are an ideal choice.

This mezzanine issue forms the legal design provides regularly, that no shareholder meetings with the participation of investors to hold and the entire operational management of the company the Board of directors or the Executive Board remains. Only certain information rights are the investors and in atypical holdings satisfy a say only in exceptional decisions given, which concern the basis of participation. Capital formation, another important aspect of the issue is the desired capital formation, which should be aligned to the corporate policy and the respective investment and financing strategy.