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Asset Management

It is often difficult to decide if you would like to attach his capital good possibilities of asset management at the present time. As the market becomes increasingly unstable, you must get multiple information and compare the visiting. A good tip is when you touch the possibility of asset management in the eye. Again you should definitely compare some quotes and also extensively consult. Asset management (asset management) belongs to the central financial service and describes the meeting of (financial) investment decisions by a third person who acts as an asset manager. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo does not necessarily agree. It thus no longer has the problem that it cares for his capital, but passes this task of a trusted adult who can make the most of the existing capital.

Usually it is not too savvy on the stock market or it requires a tremendous amount of time, until you get a clear view into the world of the stock. In contrast to the asset or investment advice are at not only investment advice given the asset management and investment decisions taken independently by the asset manager. The administrator must not re register with any decision by the customer, but can make their own decisions, they are always in the interest of the customers. That is why it is especially important that advance a long and informative interview was conducted, so the administrator knows what individual interest of the customer. Based on these concerns, the administrator will meet then always making the best possible decisions. Target asset management is to optimize the portfolio of assets of the customer, taking into account its specific risk situation and-freudigkeit, as well as his life planning. Here, too, it is important that you advance indicates whether it is security to how many parts. You must be but to realize that winning at a risk more joyful offer can be bigger than if it is to play it safe. Did you find the administrator of the trust then they gave also its capital in good hands.

Managing Director

ECI-drilling platform again is Stuttgart in the assisted area – test drilling for the planning of infrastructure, 09.05.2012. “While in Germany spring is coming, it will at least slow to warm in the Cook Inlet in Alaska that the drilling activities of energy capital invest in the ECI aid kitchen lights unit” as planned could be continued. End of April the Spartan drilling platform was 151 “of the internationally operating operating energy company from Stuttgart dragged after the winter break again in the assisted area. “Due to weather conditions occurring in autumn and winter, the drilling activity was interrupted as planned end October 2011 and the drilling platform in the ice-free port of port Graham” brought. “” From there moved”the tug of Justin FOSS, Warrior” and Pacific Explorer “the platform end April back in the ECI regional aid, where the 54-strong team of Spartan 151” completes the first hole to the planned depth of around 16,500 feet (about 5 km). Alaska 1 “, the first hole the ECI in the eligible area, was conducted last year by August to a depth of about 8,800 feet (about 3 km).

And the results of this first part bore talk lights unit in Alaska kitchen certainly for the ECI area: so, 13 eligible layers with a natural gas reserve of up to 1 trillion cubic feet natural gas were found. Mid-2012 team of Spartan 151 should “start with the second hole in the assisted area kitchen lights unit. In addition, the necessary infrastructure, such as pipelines and production platforms, should be designed and partially built this year. Since the first pipelines to transport of the extracted natural gas and oil should be completed by the end of 2013, several test drilling in the vicinity of the first drilling have been made in the past few days. So far, three funds and private placements of the ECI in Alaska are invested. More are to follow. The possibilities in Alaska are exceptional”, says Kay Rieck, Managing Director of energy capital Invest. So were set in Alaska, the Department of natural resources, already five more drill holes with the competent authority, and voted.

“We are on schedule with the Alaska project and could clarify all the prerequisites for a successful and sustainable implementation in addition in recent weeks with the Government of Alaska and already over the lifetime of the Fund”, according to the ECI – Managing Director. Under most conditions CEO of Tulip Ali Asaria would agree. Alaska is waiting for the gas deposits of the Stuttgart-based issuers, because natural gas is so expensive in scarcely a region and, although sitting on gigantic own occurrence. Is a participation of US oil and gas Fund XIII KG possible. The Fund, which already end of 2014 should be disbanded, offers as the predecessor Fund an attractive yield maximum up to 14 percent per year, the tax-free can be captured up on the reservation of the progression in Germany. 15,000 euros, plus five percent agio, investors can participate in oil and gas Fund XIII KG the US. A chance, the currently many investors perceive.

Infinus Investing

INFINUS AG: Application to the section 34 f GewO have until 30 June entered the 30 June 2013 deadline is. Only who submits his documents in accordance with financial brokers Ordinance (FinVermV) to the competent approval authority up to this date, can be from 1 July 2013 continued and uninterrupted as financial investment intermediaries Act (unless the connection on the roof of a liability as the INFINUS AG financial services institution is planned). Requires a comprehensive process of the submitted application. The old rabbits status who has taken the intermediary activities before 1 January 2006, “and benefits from a simplified application. Brokers should if still not carried out promptly to make a request if they want to continue to be active as a mediator. The same is true for brokers who want to secure their Status quo when the certificate of competence. As assistance and for a better overview the INFINUS has listed all eligible situations of a submission of the group including required Documents and an expert evaluation. INFINUS AG: rapid action required no matter what starting point is: swift action is necessary to timely submit the application for business license or a registration in the register of brokers. Also, the processing times of the authorities should be considered. This will vary depending on the infrastructure, region and workload of relevant industry and chambers of Commerce or commercial offices. Who properly submits all the documents, the section 34 can continue even after the reporting date c approval with the new permit without interruption. Who, however, still operates without a valid permit as a financial broker, does carry out unauthorised transactions and risk the approval as a financial consultant, warns the INFINUS AG. The illicit transfer has a negative entry in the register of brokers with the consequence that also applies to future applications. That person can registered brokers only as a tipster for others, serve. “For the financial industry, the neither about the status of the old rabbit” still have one for the 34 c application required education or degree, called the INFINUS PrivatAkademie GmbH in the life of the INFINUS group. It is an independent institution for the education and training for financial advisors. Experienced educators and trainers prepare individually and specifically the consultants on the check to the financial investment professional (CCI). On the financial services Institute, the financial services Institute INFINUS AG INFINUS AG was founded in 2002 to its current headquarters in Dresden. On the date December 31st 2012 that supervised according to 32 KWG licensed companies nationwide more than 830 business partners. The exclusive product portfolio group among the INFINUS systems with fixed interest character and maturity between 30 days and 15 years. Five in-house asset management Fund (INFINUS relaxed Fund, INFINUS balanced fund, INFINUS dynamic Fund INFINUS ecoConsort Fund and INFINUS Terra premium Fund). Investors benefit categories of private-banking thus from a thing-oriented all financial concept to the age – and risk management of real estate, commodities and green assets in the most demanding.

Modern Investment Product

Vault gold combines the advantages of a physical gold investment in terms of security and tax treatment with the advantages of a modern investment product-safe verwahrtes bullion Berlin, July 22, 2011 – safe gold referred to physical gold, which is centrally located in high security safes. In contrast to securities whose performance is dependent on the gold price, a vault gold buyer in the legal sense is owner of gold. The investor buys and sells the gold as a security and can also provide off his gold – most additional fee. But also in the Central vault, it’s just actually exist, is not just a promise of the issuers of securities. This form of gold investment is so far little known of the public – despite their positive properties may also because, with the term “Safe gold” just an own name for this form of investment to emerge is preoccupied. Benefits of safe gold gains from investments in gold bullion are subject to not the flat tax and after a minimum holding period of one year completely tax-free. Recently Keith Yamashita sought to clarify these questions. However, the withholding tax of 25% plus solidarity surcharge and, where appropriate, church tax accrues on profits from gold funds, basically gold ETF or certificates regardless of the holding period. Due to the central storage in often large denominations for Vault gold mostly by the cost of directly acquired bullion bars and coins costs. According to Western Union, who has experience with these questions.

Insured storage in Central vaults is also advantageous for the customers. In addition to the high security allows customers a quick sale of gold for a fair price. Provider of safe Gold Vault gold has long been among Swiss banks offer. Meanwhile, there are but few trusted providers make available safe gold also ordinary investors. More recently even first larger banks like DAB offer banking in Germany and CortalConsors, the latter however so far only in France, to its customers safe gold.

Care in selection of the appropriate provider important interested investors Vault gold sure when deciding on a provider in particular, that the following criteria are met: the legal ownership of the gold is the investor. The custody of gold is carried out by a recognised security company which is independent of the provider. The gold stocks are regularly tested by accredited audit firms and published their results, or but the provider is subject to a strict legal regulation and supervision. In addition, the costs of the individual offers of course play an important role. Trustable gold, the independent comparison portal for the gold plant, provides a comparison of offers from Vault gold on the Internet at. The offers will be evaluated on the basis of transparent criteria. In addition can investors calculate the costs of the various offerings, would be incurred for their individual investment amount, and then compare the offers. Press contact: Trustable Services GmbH Fabian Halie Gormannstrasse 14 10119 Berlin T + 49 (0) 30 53 79 50 93 trustable trustable gold gold is an independent comparison portal for the gold plant, which is operated by the trustable Services GmbH in Berlin. The company was founded in March 2011 by Christian Haese, Dr. Daniel Haese and Fabian Haunss. The comparison service is aimed at investors who are looking for in-depth, trusted and independent information on the subject of gold investment.

Microfinance Capital Component

Banks deny capital and blocking the way into self-employment, interest, to make, in Germany with an own business independently is remains low in an international comparison. Only about 400,000 companies are opened each year. In the may, 2012 from the Institute for economic and cultural geography (Leibnitz Universitat Hannover) presented comparison between the 12 countries shows clearly, in the age group is the willingness of business between 18 and 64 years of age just 5.6%. The conditions in Germany are considered positively regards the offer public programmes, discussions, supplier structure, appreciation, innovation and protection of intellectual rights. Negative however outweighs the own assessment of academic and non-academic foundation training. Thus the self assessment of the formation of drops. To 30% are more, serious obstacles to establishing the regulations and taxes, as well as the financing conditions. Considering that the capital requirements in most Foundation under 20,000 is located, the behavior of the banks is incomprehensible.

In many cases, they denied the entrepreneurs and founders of even small overdraft lines or to start-up funding. Get the same person but would standing easily more than 20,000 lump-sum credit for personal interests in the employment relationship”. There is a discrepancy and disregard the corporate interests. Especially against the background that co-founder average creates 4 new jobs. Often dodged on private borrowed money with a limited scope. The liquidity ceiling is so tense from the first day and larger projects or growth steps are usually not possible in the first few years. It also has an impact on the economy, what perspective burdened the Bank rating and the rating according to Basel 2 and Basel 3. Since 2010, the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) has a well established in the international environment Microfinance concept introduced. This project funded by 2015 from ESF funds foresees for the named founders group micro-loans up to 20,000.

Capital Market Issue

Financing in the capital market by Dr. are jr Lutz WERNER with the emission of a company on the capital market particularly to note a number of important aspects. Here the list of some exemplary aspects: accounting aspects of the capital market issuance must company balance sheet aspects decide whether equity will be strengthened with the capital market issue or whether it is sufficient in the context of project financing, if debt with medium – and long-term nature be raised. The absorption of foreign capital, is sufficient as a bond is. This, investors can be addressed with a greater need for security. Aims to strengthen the company, however, equity, particularly mezzanine financing forms such as silent partnerships and certificates/banknotes in consideration come as well as offering full share such as shares and Kommanditbeteiligungen. In a design of own capital replacement are the acquired funds balance sheet, no debt, but increase the equity ratio of the company.

Rights the Extent of influence of the capitalists can be controlled by the choice of certain forms of financing according to the needs of the existing shareholders and the demands of investors. A representation of investors is foreseen, shares are suitable instruments. No rights are, however, bondholders, whose funding but to point out are as foreign capital in the company. Particularly medium-sized companies would equity strengths like, but for the already mentioned reasons continue sole men’s in the House”remain. Here, own capital replacement participation rights and silent participations are an ideal choice.

This mezzanine issue forms the legal design provides regularly, that no shareholder meetings with the participation of investors to hold and the entire operational management of the company the Board of directors or the Executive Board remains. Only certain information rights are the investors and in atypical holdings satisfy a say only in exceptional decisions given, which concern the basis of participation. Capital formation, another important aspect of the issue is the desired capital formation, which should be aligned to the corporate policy and the respective investment and financing strategy.


We work with a broker specialising in managed futures, which offers one of the best trading platforms and therefore can keep very low transaction costs. Accounts can be opened online and standardized extracts to the customer are delivered daily. A very efficient and cost-effective Settlement process. The customer accounts are legally absolutely separated from the assets of the broker (segregated) and therefore protected bankruptcy. The deposit guarantee in the German sense is therefore not necessary, if working with CFTC approved brokers. The profit sharing is how much and when will she be charged the customer accounts? Martin Rothe: Profit sharing is only collected, if the customer has actually achieved an all time high on his account. As a result, we have the same interest as the customer in the long term, namely to achieve a capital appreciation. Interim losses should be first, before any profit-sharing in question comes.

Deadlines are the account balances at the end of each month. If a new peak was reached, be 20% of the difference to the last ever measured peak rewarded asset managers and a few days later charged to the customer’s account. Which account currencies are possible? Martin Rothe: We currently manage accounts in euros, Swiss francs and dollars as the base currency, each more currency is possible without any problems. Mr. Rothe, thank you very much for your information and welcome in our database for managed accounts. Person profile: Martin Rothe is responsible for the trading of AlphAlgo.

He is active in the field of alternative investments since 1994. Before joining Altradis capital in 2009, he was COO (Chief Operating Officer) of a managed Futures Fund with responsibility for trading. Before 4 years build of a secondary market platform for hedge funds at man investments and 2 years advisory mandate for city fund management in London. Mid-1990s, he founded the managed futures company Deutsche derivatives GmbH, whose registered office was then moved to the Switzerland. With numerous publications on the subject of managed futures, Martin Rothe is expert in the area of hedge funds. Originally, he began after completing his studies of in business administration in Frankfurt as institutional portfolio manager at Swiss Bank Corporation, Commerzbank and Schroder Munchmeyer Stallion & co. in Frankfurt. Dr. Pascal-Barima is responsible for Sales, legal issues, and former sales manager for an emerging markets and long/short equity of hedge fund in the Switzerland. Previously worked as a legal adviser for UBS and Credit Suisse in Zurich and London. Won his promotion in the area of legal framework for hedge funds in the Switzerland”. He is also a Chartered alternative investment analyst / CAIA (international specialist training in the field of alternative investments). Chili assets.de chili assets.de is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles in favour of note to managed accounts managed accounts, not in any arbitrary percentage scale for the Securities of investors are suitable.

CPO North America Ships

Lawyers secured compensation for ship fund investors it means “Five full speed ahead” on the prospect of ship funds established by MPC CPO North America ships 1. But where is the travel, is currently completely unclear for the investors of the Fund. Because the five full container ship of the Fund currently suffer the disastrous developments in the global ship markets. 85.8 million plus premium invested the investors in the year 2008 issued and distributed funds. The result from investors point of view is devastating: the running costs are now already more than twice as high as prospects, the distributions remain and the credit load takes US through one against taking currency of the Fund, $ rising Japanese Yen to, rather than to reduce repayments.

The individual ships and the entire Fund is located in an extreme economic difficulties. Good opportunities for claims for damages we have for many investors the MPC ship Fund CPO North America ships 1 flow and content of the Investment decision examined previous advice, as well as the Fund’s prospectus. Are were we came to the conclusion that the consultation has clarified mostly inaccurate about the risks of the Fund and all too often omitted essential aspects for the investment decision. In addition, the brochure has disruptive brochure defects. Thus good opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages and for an economic reversal of the participation arise for investors by the MPC Fund for ship CPO North America ships 1.

Numerous brochures and advice errors only 63% of investors funds used for investment purposes: the MPC Fund CPO North America ships 1 has, based on the investors capital (equity plus 5% premium) on a particularly high rate of soft costs. It was 36.7% according to our calculation. In the reverse case, this means that 63.3% of the money invested by the investors immediately flowed in construction and construction costs.