Modern Investment Product

Vault gold combines the advantages of a physical gold investment in terms of security and tax treatment with the advantages of a modern investment product-safe verwahrtes bullion Berlin, July 22, 2011 – safe gold referred to physical gold, which is centrally located in high security safes. In contrast to securities whose performance is dependent on the gold price, a vault gold buyer in the legal sense is owner of gold. The investor buys and sells the gold as a security and can also provide off his gold – most additional fee. But also in the Central vault, it’s just actually exist, is not just a promise of the issuers of securities. This form of gold investment is so far little known of the public – despite their positive properties may also because, with the term “Safe gold” just an own name for this form of investment to emerge is preoccupied. Benefits of safe gold gains from investments in gold bullion are subject to not the flat tax and after a minimum holding period of one year completely tax-free. Recently Keith Yamashita sought to clarify these questions. However, the withholding tax of 25% plus solidarity surcharge and, where appropriate, church tax accrues on profits from gold funds, basically gold ETF or certificates regardless of the holding period. Due to the central storage in often large denominations for Vault gold mostly by the cost of directly acquired bullion bars and coins costs. According to Western Union, who has experience with these questions.

Insured storage in Central vaults is also advantageous for the customers. In addition to the high security allows customers a quick sale of gold for a fair price. Provider of safe Gold Vault gold has long been among Swiss banks offer. Meanwhile, there are but few trusted providers make available safe gold also ordinary investors. More recently even first larger banks like DAB offer banking in Germany and CortalConsors, the latter however so far only in France, to its customers safe gold.

Care in selection of the appropriate provider important interested investors Vault gold sure when deciding on a provider in particular, that the following criteria are met: the legal ownership of the gold is the investor. The custody of gold is carried out by a recognised security company which is independent of the provider. The gold stocks are regularly tested by accredited audit firms and published their results, or but the provider is subject to a strict legal regulation and supervision. In addition, the costs of the individual offers of course play an important role. Trustable gold, the independent comparison portal for the gold plant, provides a comparison of offers from Vault gold on the Internet at. The offers will be evaluated on the basis of transparent criteria. In addition can investors calculate the costs of the various offerings, would be incurred for their individual investment amount, and then compare the offers. Press contact: Trustable Services GmbH Fabian Halie Gormannstrasse 14 10119 Berlin T + 49 (0) 30 53 79 50 93 trustable trustable gold gold is an independent comparison portal for the gold plant, which is operated by the trustable Services GmbH in Berlin. The company was founded in March 2011 by Christian Haese, Dr. Daniel Haese and Fabian Haunss. The comparison service is aimed at investors who are looking for in-depth, trusted and independent information on the subject of gold investment.