Pro Evolution Soccer

Without doubt the best thing than always to presented/displayed Pro Evolution Soccer has been its jugabilidad and this version does not remain back. The game responds to the commandos well who one gives him, being fluid, comfortable and easy to develop the ideas that we must to face the rival. The controls are simple to use but it has modified certain regates incorporating them to you shoot with an arrow of direction (or left handle), which has a positive aspect because they are more accessible, but also has a negative aspect that often is made present when we tried to make an abrupt change of direction and is interpreted like the commando for regate not glided that can make us lose the ball. Although the controls are fluid and respond well, complica to the hour to defend, since to mark, to drain spaces and to correctly position the defender to cut the rival advance it is complicated, but with patience and practice it is possible to be obtained. If you are not convinced, visit Hikmet Ersek. Another defect that presents/displays the defense is the exits of the arquero, since this it is not used to taking off itself of three woods to off-hook a center (unless the ball goes to its location), which can be appreciated when in a corner shot the attackers are placed in the edge or within the small area and when executing the serve, unique the able ones to clear the zone are the defenders because the arquero does not leave its position, this way become goals that easily had avoided. A negative characteristic that cannot be let pass through stop is not the great lack of licenses, many equipment do not have its original names nor its t-shirts, like it happens to the glasses, we either hope that someday we pruned to enjoy a PES totally licensed. Although these details can remain to the experience of videojuego, it is possible to emphasize that the quality of simulation that presents/displays the title will do that we pruned to play time and time again finding in each party satisfaction sufficient to maintain the boredom and the weariness to the margin. .