Carpet Types

In the carpet market, both for domestic or industrial use exist three different manufacturing processes among themselves: the tissue: the carpet of this type occurs in a similar to the loom-woven cloth and normally many coloured yarns are used. Default designs intricate patterns can be generated with this process. This type of carpets are normally the highest value in the market. Tufted: The carpet of this type occurs in a machine that Tufts using a single yarn colored or sometimes without coloring. If using the not colored yarn carpet be dyed or printed with a design then in a separate process. carpets such products are usually the cheapest in the market given that the existing machinery allows the making of several meters of carpets in a relatively short time, to turn this technology enables the serial production of basic geometric patterns. And, finally, the Needlefelt: it’s a more advanced technological development. It is a technique produced by the electrostatic attraction of individual synthetic fibers. They form a unique rug with extremely high durability which are commonly used in places with high traffic, hotels and offices.