Enery Alignment

It is important to align the energy of your body to a greater level of awareness that doing this will allow you having more harmonious thoughts of quickly and change at least 5,000 of your old thoughts by others to be more positive and believe your new reality. You can align your body energy with higher levels through activation of your chakras or energy centers. It is also recommended to do meditation or relaxation exercises, it helps that your emotions are more calm and doing the vibration of your body rises automatically, otherwise stressful situations make the energy of your body lower. Another way to raise the vibration of your body is to make you a series of questions during the day. The following questions will make you see reality in a different way: what is happening really affects me as much as I think or I am only exaggerating? Is there any way that can stop thinking in this situation and do account there? If you still think the same as you will be my life tomorrow? How would you prefer I feel at this moment and what should I do so I feel this way? Tip #2 focus in what you want to guard a few minutes everyday to think about what you want to create. If you keep living your life in an unconscious manner you will follow the path of the leaders of today, politicians, the media and other leaders of this world that are mainly focused on negativity. However if you decide to devote a few minutes daily to think about your wishes and imagine them do a very important change in your life and gradually this will begin to improve becoming what you wish for. Everything attracts his equal, if you spend time thinking about what you want to attract him. Tip # 3 Once you’ve raised your vibrations keep them as high as possible for the greatest amount of time.