Source Ideas

On the one hand, you can focus to an aspect that to You interests to him or knows. He can be about knowledge acquired through the experience, of reflections of the thought or fruit of conversations with other people. Having a personal newspaper, can be a valuable aid for such aim. If by opposite, You are going to develop a subject on which she has little information, is necessary to realise previous investigation to have basic ideas that they will help to develop the content him. For this, he literally transcribes the most important passages of a text, takes notes from his own impressions and ideas and finally he copies the data of the source of the consulted information that soon he will use to mention in his own text. A notebook of notes would be a good ally if it is going to realise previous investigation. (We are preparing an article on the correct form to mention a source, which we will publish in a new delivery).

Selected the subject already, we enter matter and we see some useful techniques of pre-script. Before nothing, is necessary to indicate that not yet we are going away to focus in the content, we will realise which it more ahead. What it interests to us now is to know how we can obtain valuable ideas to develop a specific subject. Technique 1. Rain of ideas. It consists of writing down the ideas and details that come to us to the mind, after to do questions to us on the subject that we are going to try. These questions include the following: What? , When? , Because? , How? , Where? and Who.

Technique 2. Diagramar the ideas. It consists of relating the ideas that come from the previous technique, with others. For this, we can use circles, lines, colors or simply write down in another sheet of paper the groups of ideas that are related to each other, separately.