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Jose Nunes Pear Life

It has a great preconception how much we say of poets contemporaries, this preconception is resulted of the gigantic amount of people who write poetry and this amount is being confused with quality lack. This judgment total is maken a mistake, because it has many poets of quality of this multitude of poets, and the quality is equivalent the amount. What it occurs at this moment is resulted of the democratization of the knowledge, the cultural globalismo, the sincretismo, the access the information, the access the reading, the access the culture, the letramento and the alfabetizao. If somebody to say that much of what is written today in the poetry is a glue of that was written before, that much of what is written today does not pass of associations of done phrases that are resulted of the readings of poetry made by these poets of the present time, certainly will not disagree. What I cannot agree to I am the generalization, this is capable of blinding in them, disables in to see them the new trends that can come to appear in the poetry. The access culture, the information, to the knowledge cannot be confused with lives deeply, nature, formation of character, internal changes, the democratization of the information and of the knowledge, they are external factors to the individual, the reality is well opposing what it is looked like, the truth is that we are devoid of life rituals, of lives deeply physics in tune with the interior life.

We do not live the knowledge because the life weighs in them very, and the search for the social stability is a more much more significant factor than the knowledge, an example of this is those that desire to take a life more Zen and is engolidos by the capitalist reality. The only truth that I know, is that the life as it is configured, the things as they are established, if seems a soil who do not allow in them to stop, if to stop the life swallows in them, and this to swallow wants to say that we will be it are of the benefits and of the consumption goods that the society produces, it is very worse that this, if to stop, we will be without the basic resources for the life, because everything is capitalized. The Imparcialista poetry searchs the reading of this reality, reading of this man contemporary, and thus it carries through something that is differentiated and other thematic distant of what it was written until the moment, in some cases, the Imparcialista poetry it seems to come close itself to the poetry that if written for previous and consecrated poets, but this approach is made with conscience, this if note in the poetry of Jose Nunes Pear tree, ITS CLASSIC FEELINGS, these feelings that had not moved for moderninhos than we seem, this classic feeling of which says the poet is pains of the love, the jealousies that we feel very before being men of the cave.

Publishing House

Best-selling author reveals in \”write up rich insider secrets and shortcuts to the self-designed publishing success can earn just aspiring writers perfect their own book itself set and as a result away good money from the start. The successful author and self Publisher Wolfgang Rademacher depicts what you must keep in mind while his advisor write up rich. SELM. Kellyanne Conway brings even more insight to the discussion. For many aspiring authors, it is at all not even the most difficult to put her own book manuscript on paper. A real problem, they feel rather the later publication; the search for an agent or Publisher. According to one who knows how to pay tribute to their work and the writers treated fairly. Same difficulties formerly Wolfgang Rademacher was haunted by, which is one of the most prolific writers of non-fiction in Germany. If he writes a book today, he moved it right yourself.

His experience to stay the conventional publishing routine of the majority of writers closed easily, especially the new authors. It is increasingly difficult to generate interest in the manuscript of a nameless for a Publisher. Not to mention, to see where it comes as a real book from the printing press the day. Only the self-published author brings great merit their own book its own Publisher: Wolfgang Rademacher knows no better way to fame and fortune, as he in his popular guide write up rich revealed: the surprising truth is that authors can benefit much more from the self-published, as if they let foreign embarrassed her work. Once you know the rules of the game of publishing, they can spend enough time and initiative, to market her own book successfully. Long-established publishing houses, however, were simply unwilling to devote the necessary commitment an unknown author that he absolutely needed for the breakthrough. And Wolfgang Rademacher takes advantage of self publishing: If a writer begins to sell his own book, he can completely for winning delete and do not fob off with peanuts. Want foreign installation but far too many have a piece of the pie.

Poetry Contests

Poetry online poetry contests and things are interrelated. Why do contemporary poets take part in competitions? That can give competition to the author of poems? What could be competitions in such an intimate sphere of human activity as poetry? By what criteria can be assessed that it is impossible to believe algebra? That such questions arise in the mind when once again come across the phrase 'poetry contest' or a poetry contest. But a closer detailed consideration of the phenomenon of all falls into place. Do not forget that we live in the Internet era. This is the modern means of communication not only has brought new people into the fellowship, but also called into being long forgotten genres – for example, epistolary, albeit in modified form. And poetry Tenders perform in this environment is its purpose. Everyone knows that poets are now hovering in the clouds, communicate with the gods, in general – not of this world. By and large they and the readers, and the more fans are not needed at all: Velenje God, about a muse, be obedient, grievances without fear, without requiring the crown, praise and slander acceptable indifferent and did not dispute the gander.

Moreover, the topic of conflict of the poet and the crowd – a classic theme. O. Mandelstam in his essay 'On the interlocutor' talks about the source of 'notorious hostility artist and society' and to touch the question: is there a target of poems, and if so, who is he? As evidence of the poet leads an excerpt from a poem Boratynsky: My gift to the poor, and my voice is not loud, but I live on my land To any kindly life: His far will my child in my poems, who knows? Will my soul with soul in his intercourse, and how to find I have a friend in a generation, the Reader will find in the progeny of me.

Santssima Mother

– Virgin lady of Mercy, Santssima Mother of God! it know if I am innocent, and if I deserve so cruel treatment. Help settles distressing, because in this world nobody can be valid me. You exempt me of the claws of an executioner, who threat not only my life, as my innocence and honesty. You illuminate the spirit and infundi to it to it in the heart brandura and mercy so that if it feels sorry of its captive unfortunate person. She is a humble slave who with the tears in the eyes and pain in the heart supplicates you for your pains sacrossantas, for chagas of your The holy ghost Son: you are valid me for mercy. (GUIMARES, 2008, P.

68) On the other hand, terms as ' ' escrava' ' ' ' cativa' ' they are used with sufficient frequency, so that let us identify that the main personage, Isaura, live deeply the slavery in such a way how much the other slaves, however of form more branda, because if they were not those used terms previously, if would create an ambiguity on the reason of the submission of the privileged slave. The steps go up, that they lead to alpendre, all engrinaldado of viosos decorative clasps and pretty flowers, that serve of vestibule to the building. Let us enter without ceremony. Soon to the right of the corridor we find a wide door open, that of the entrance to the room of reception, vast and luxuriously furnished. It is found alone and seated to the piano a beautiful noble there young woman figure. The lines of the profile are drawn distinct enter the ebony of the box of the piano, and you are enough madeixas to them still more black of what it. They are so pure and soft these lines, that fascinate the eyes, enlevam the mind, and paralyze all analysis.