Jose Nunes Pear Life

It has a great preconception how much we say of poets contemporaries, this preconception is resulted of the gigantic amount of people who write poetry and this amount is being confused with quality lack. This judgment total is maken a mistake, because it has many poets of quality of this multitude of poets, and the quality is equivalent the amount. What it occurs at this moment is resulted of the democratization of the knowledge, the cultural globalismo, the sincretismo, the access the information, the access the reading, the access the culture, the letramento and the alfabetizao. If somebody to say that much of what is written today in the poetry is a glue of that was written before, that much of what is written today does not pass of associations of done phrases that are resulted of the readings of poetry made by these poets of the present time, certainly will not disagree. What I cannot agree to I am the generalization, this is capable of blinding in them, disables in to see them the new trends that can come to appear in the poetry. The access culture, the information, to the knowledge cannot be confused with lives deeply, nature, formation of character, internal changes, the democratization of the information and of the knowledge, they are external factors to the individual, the reality is well opposing what it is looked like, the truth is that we are devoid of life rituals, of lives deeply physics in tune with the interior life.

We do not live the knowledge because the life weighs in them very, and the search for the social stability is a more much more significant factor than the knowledge, an example of this is those that desire to take a life more Zen and is engolidos by the capitalist reality. The only truth that I know, is that the life as it is configured, the things as they are established, if seems a soil who do not allow in them to stop, if to stop the life swallows in them, and this to swallow wants to say that we will be it are of the benefits and of the consumption goods that the society produces, it is very worse that this, if to stop, we will be without the basic resources for the life, because everything is capitalized. The Imparcialista poetry searchs the reading of this reality, reading of this man contemporary, and thus it carries through something that is differentiated and other thematic distant of what it was written until the moment, in some cases, the Imparcialista poetry it seems to come close itself to the poetry that if written for previous and consecrated poets, but this approach is made with conscience, this if note in the poetry of Jose Nunes Pear tree, ITS CLASSIC FEELINGS, these feelings that had not moved for moderninhos than we seem, this classic feeling of which says the poet is pains of the love, the jealousies that we feel very before being men of the cave.