Conciliation Center Acreprecon

MONOLOGUE OF PEACEMAKERS Good morning sir. My name is Rocio Fabiola Gomez Valdizan, I am responsible for extrajudicial conciliatory Conciliation Center Acreprecon, to pursue this Settlement Procedure. Allow me to welcome and congratulate them go freely and voluntarily to our institution with the aim of finding a solution to their differences (differences – Disputes). They are comfortable? They want something?. Then I will ask that arise … the occasion have been telling me for the Centre. Need to know if you have knowledge or any idea of what it means reconciliation (yes) (no) …

Reconciliation is a modern mechanism through which the parties will solve their problems, avoiding costly to go to a long and cumbersome judicial process. I also will mention some benefits of the Settlement:. It's fast: If you want to reach an agreement, use only one day to do, unlike the judiciary. . Is economic: We performed a single payment. . Prima Privacy Principle: Whatever is said during the course of the hearing only concerns the parties.

It is very important to the active participation of you, because in this procedure there is no losers or winners (Remind) our goal is that both parties feel accordance with the agreement which will arrive (I'm sure). I want to emphasize that as everything we do in this life, reconciliation has certain rules of conduct that we must respect and not to transgress, I will mention a few:. Both sides will have equal time to present their ideas, so avoid interrupting the other party. . Always keep a dialogue height, avoiding verbal and physical aggression. . Turn off their phones. During the hearing could be a gridlock between their positions, or perhaps some of you want to manifest something in private: for which we will have a private meeting with each of you for a period of time equal, this made in order to leave the impasse and resume the course again Hearing normal. At the conclusion of the conciliation proceedings, draw up a report and that is the Act? It is a document which embodies the approval of the Parties. This document has the same value as a judicial sentence, and if one party violates the agreement, the affected party may appeal to the judiciary and demand their immediate service. My role as a conciliator is to facilitate communication between you. My position during the course of the hearing will be impartial and neutral, I do not parcializare with any of you, I'm here to help them resolve their differences, because as previously explained to them you will find the solution that will favor their interests. With this preamble I invoke them to realize that the solution to their problems depends on you and if you agree only be beneficial for both. Doubt, question, would like to know more before beginning the hearing. .