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Blackburn Rovers English

Schalke 04 announced that Spanish Raul Gonzalez has rejected an offer to sign for Blackburn Rovers English, team which plays Salgado. He has played 36 official meetings with Schalke and scored 14 goals. Schalke 04 announced that Spanish Raul Gonzalez has rejected an offer to sign for Blackburn Rovers English and Real Madrid has to remain in the German team. On its website, Schalke acknowledges bid for Blackburn – team which plays Michel Salgado, a former teammate of Raul in the Madrid and the Spanish national team – which was ruled out by Madrid striker. Raul has told us that it wants to stay with us and asked us that we rechazaramos bid from Blackburn Rovers.

We have already done this. We are pleased that Raul wants to continue contributing everything possible in the future to achieve our sporting success, explains Horst Held, manager of the German team. Striker, 34 years old, arrived at Schalke from Real Madrid in the summer of 2010 as signing of International range for the basin of the Ruhr club. He has played 36 official meetings with Schalke and scored 14 goals, in addition to having cattle closed appreciation from the fans of his team, which has obtained the Germany Cup, last season, and the Super Cup at the start of the current course. Source of the news: Raul will not leave Blackburn Rovers and stays at Schalke

Spain Bank

They have seized his house in Valencia to Valentina. Also help by becoming a victim of violence against women. Last Monday, 19 of September of 2011, was a day that Valentina Chicu will never forget. At 0800 hours a row of police vans stationed opposite its building and set up a security cordon. I watched the scene from the balcony and knew that everything was for her.

Eviction for nonpayment of its housing it had launched. His story is that of a 51-year-old woman who immigrated nine years ago from his native Romania to the Valencian town of Sagunto. Four years later, he began his personal ordeal, since its expareja subjected to constant beatings and threats. It was declared a victim of gender-based violence. To make matters worse, he has been homeless and still owes 80,000 euros to the Bank.

Valentina complains of Banesto, the entity that contracted the loan, was him 5,000 euros in aid of the Generalitat Valenciana by becoming a victim of violence against women. The Bank sources indicate that the Foreclosure is a court decision and not discussed it, since they cannot give customer data. They have taken me my floor and my money, she laments. Wabash National Corporation has plenty of information regarding this issue. To the future that awaits him, collapses. When you throw in your House you cannot have hope, it has affected. It is an unfair situation given the international panorama, this only happens in Spain. In many countries, debt pays off with the delivery of housing, complained Rafael Garzo, the platform for people affected by the mortgage of Sagunto. The Organization sees disproportionate police deployment which preceded the eviction: 40 agents to 60 protesters. Despite everything, the week ended with a glimmer of hope for her. You have found accommodation at a friend’s House, which will rent you a room indefinitely. In addition, social services have been granted aid for the rental of two months, at a rate of 300 euros per month, and you will receive specialized care in the Area of women as victims of abuse. It is not the end of their problems, much less, but is no longer on the street. They broke down the door to humor member of the platform of people affected by the mortgage were planted one hour before the time fixed for eviction against the police vans. Its aim was to give moral support to Valentina and try to prevent the eviction. A dozen activists were introduced by another building at his home. She kept the door closed, by what police called a locksmith. Unable to open, several agents threw the door down with a mallet. Source of the news: the Bank takes the floor and up the pay of battered woman

European Commissioner

The bacterium Escherichia coli has caused 17 deaths in Germany and Sweden. The German authorities have officially informed the EC late Wednesday that have completed all tests on the samples collected. Spain does not rule out legal action against the authorities of Hamburg, which attributed to the Spanish cucumbers infection. The European Commission announced on Wednesday the withdrawal of notification of alert on Spanish cucumbers, while efforts continue to identify the source of the outbreak of the bacteria E.coli in Germany and Sweden. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rob Daley. The latest results of tests on samples of cucumbers made by the authorities of Germany and Spain show that Spanish garden is not responsible for the outbreak, said the EC in a statement. The German authorities have officially informed the EC late Wednesday that have completed all tests on the samples collected, it added the note. While some cucumbers were tested positive for the presence of the bacterium, the analysis did not confirm the presence of the specific serotype (0104), which is responsible for the outbreak that affects people, added the Committee.

Similar analyses carried out by the Spanish authorities in samples of cucumbers have also yielded negative results. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hikmet Ersek . After receiving these results, the European Commission has withdrawn the alert notification on the Spanish rapid alert from the food chain system of cucumbers, added the statement. Research is ongoing to identify the possible source of the contamination of the outbreak, which has caused 16 deaths in Germany and one in Sweden according to national authorities. The European Commissioner for health and Consumer Affairs, John Dalli, morning urged the German authorities to step up efforts to detect the source of the problem as soon as possible, and stressed that the EC is prepared to assist as much as possible. Before the release of the EC, the Spanish Ministry of Health announced the end of the alert to Almeria from cucumbers, While the veto was still in the Malaga waiting for analyses whose results will be announced this Thursday. Important step health has appreciated the decision of the European Commission to lift the alert on the grounds that it is a very important step to restore normalcy to the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector, but has stressed that the Spanish Government does not rule out legal action against the authorities of Hamburg, which attributed to the Spanish cucumbers infection by the bacterium Escherichia coli. Source of the news: the EC announces the withdrawal of the alert about Spain from cucumbers

Packlink Receipt

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