Packlink Receipt

Packlink offers you all kinds of solutions to send parcels to any destination market to benefit from exclusive prices. To this end, it has established agreements with the international courier UPS, which boasts large brackets that enable communication and transport to any part of the world. Seriousness, commitment and reliability are some of the reasons that lead us to rely on UPS. Good results that are reflected in the satisfaction of our customers. The company defines the times and days of receipt, depending on the destination of the shipment, undertakes to comply with them. Among the value-added services offered by UPS, is the collection and delivery of merchandise on Saturday, notices of receipt and vouchers, different types of returns, shipping against reimbursement and the fragile parcel special handling or lumps of big dimensions. Additionally you will receive a personalized attention, so if it is an individual as a company. With a firm commitment based on the quality and effectiveness of your shipment, the carrier UPS guarantees you an offer adapted to your personal needs and competitive with big discounts. In addition, for your complete peace of mind with tracking UPS may know where is your goods at any time and free of charge.