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Santa Cruz

Sancho II became village. The justifications for the abandonment of the village are arrested with one varied number of factors, since plague of ants to the difficulty of defense in war times, to floodings of the Flavor or, still, to the lack of springs, what it makes with that, during century XIII, the inhabitants of Santa Cruz of the Vilaria if move for the village of Moncorvo. It has others, still, that they attribute the origin of Moncorvo to the legend, and to the popular tradition, that relates the existence of a knight, name D. Mendo, or Menendo Crow to who, thanks to its valentia, D. Fernando I, King of Lion, will have delivers a territory to defend of the Mouros.

4. Archaeological intervention? Soundings of Diagnosis 4.1. Methodology the archaeological intervention adoptou, as methodology, the considered one for Edward Harris (Harris; 1991), of removal of layers for inverse order to its natural deposition, with definition of estratigrficas units. To the different realities you differentiated observed was attributed a unit of register (Estratigrfica Unit), described in proper fiche (Fiche of Estratigrfica Unit). The concomitant registers had been efectuados written, graphical (drawn to the scale 1:20) and photographed. The graphical register of the observed realities was efectuado with coordinate correspondents X, Y and Z. The photographic register happened in the diverse phases of the intervention, more exhaustingly possible.

It stops all beyond the field work was, still, taken the handle a bibliographical research of the specialty, as well as other consultations understood for necessary to the study in cause, as well as institucional databases. 4.2. Objectivos the diagnosis soundings had been carried through in estimated to allow crono-culturalmente to verify, to evaluate, to characterize and to integrate the archaeological vestiges through the study of the observed realities and the materials exhumed in elapsing of the intervention, as well as its state of conservation.

The Wind Of Autumn

It passed of the four of the afternoon when it left the consultriomdico. The world, before it having there entered, had a color, now tinhaoutras as much, with sounds, cheiros and movements that it did not perceive before knowing osresultados of its examinations. It thought about everything that had left of living, felt homesickness delugares that it did not know, of people whom never it saw, emotions that never felt edos loves that the life offered to it and that also it did not live. Filomena, this age its name, already had reached the cinqentaanos, and some people in this phase of the life, costumam to enter in crisis and with elano she was different. If it married well young for love, gotten passionate for that man comquem divided the life thirty years for more than. With it had five children, and he was comele also that he learned the art of the patience, of the unconditional donation, total dadisponibilidade and of the obligatory allegiance. One of the characteristic human beings who more developed were ada hope, this always was the word sharpest and heard by it.

– Everything goes to improve, is a time question! – Nothing it is decided of one hour stops another one! – It looks for to see the side good of the things. was with phrases of this type that took the life until there, but eagora? It did not have more time and the life did not go to improve, even so everything was if to decide, deum definitive and unexpected skill. It decided to go for house the foot, needed to walk and it adored sentiro cold wind that blew. He always liked the sensation that the autumn wind lhecausava, felt as if it brought good things, a feeling of renovaolevando emboraas bad things and reascendendode new to such hope. In the winter its soul if collected, saving the forces to paraencarar the heat of the summer.

Source Ideas

On the one hand, you can focus to an aspect that to You interests to him or knows. He can be about knowledge acquired through the experience, of reflections of the thought or fruit of conversations with other people. Having a personal newspaper, can be a valuable aid for such aim. If by opposite, You are going to develop a subject on which she has little information, is necessary to realise previous investigation to have basic ideas that they will help to develop the content him. For this, he literally transcribes the most important passages of a text, takes notes from his own impressions and ideas and finally he copies the data of the source of the consulted information that soon he will use to mention in his own text. A notebook of notes would be a good ally if it is going to realise previous investigation. (We are preparing an article on the correct form to mention a source, which we will publish in a new delivery).

Selected the subject already, we enter matter and we see some useful techniques of pre-script. Before nothing, is necessary to indicate that not yet we are going away to focus in the content, we will realise which it more ahead. What it interests to us now is to know how we can obtain valuable ideas to develop a specific subject. Technique 1. Rain of ideas. It consists of writing down the ideas and details that come to us to the mind, after to do questions to us on the subject that we are going to try. These questions include the following: What? , When? , Because? , How? , Where? and Who.

Technique 2. Diagramar the ideas. It consists of relating the ideas that come from the previous technique, with others. For this, we can use circles, lines, colors or simply write down in another sheet of paper the groups of ideas that are related to each other, separately.

Through Education

Through the bibliographical research it was intended to explicitar and to construct to hypotheses concerning the reading and writing, improving the ideas, basing the subject on boarded question in the research. For in such a way, this type of research involved a bibliographical survey, which had of being made in diverse sources, searching to consult respectable and brought up to date workmanships. Also of the qualitative research by means of the comment in three agricultural schools of the municipal net of education. The subject in question is particularly motivador a time that, being involved in the work of the reading and writing of the education in the field in multisseriadas classrooms, exerting the position of professor in one of the schools of the municipal net of education of Manoel Vitorino-BA, I feel myself engaged, not only with the improvement of the quality of education, but also with the improvement of the attendance of the children of the education in the field, but in more good searching understanding of the process of the infantile development and its relation with the world making readings and interpreting the different vises of world and the universe of the studied texts. Through the research on reading and writing, I observed that until little time she was given to importance only reading and writing, but today is understood that the reading of the world precedes the reading of the word, therefore by means of the accomplishment of studies that had been developed by famous theoreticians in this field are understood that the act to read all the information to the life in society is necessary and passed to be valued as something essential to the development and formation of the autonomy of human being. The studies detached the importance of the reading and the writing for the integral development and formation of the identity of the man in society.