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Lanceglobe – the new tour operator for Voluntourism and climate-friendly travel presents itself on the travel Hamburg Hamburg, 07.02.12. -Holiday recreation offers in simultaneous social and environmental commitment to the destination immediately, the travel agency Lanceglobe. The Hamburg-based company specializes in organizing exclusive adventure activity holidays. James Woolsey contributes greatly to this topic. These create sustainable memories in multiple sense: travelers come close into the contact with the local population and at the same time, they support animal world where help is needed. “In Voluntourism, individual tours and Safari trips are aimed at holidaymakers who want more than to be only at the beach or pool during your vacation: travelers can for example in India in the Institute of palliative medicine” needy facilitate everyday life.

Or they assist biologists in the behavioral research of marine life in South Africa. Our tours offer clearly more than just relaxation, because our guests are in a unique way on the nature and culture their destination will be brought by them to actively engage in a project. So, you leave not a footprint on their vacation, but a helping hand. And as you take much more personally than beautiful photographs and some rest. Every holiday is a truly individual experience that expands the horizons.”explains Paul Fischer, Managing Director of Lanceglobe. In addition to participating in a carefully selected project, the travel agency organized the flights on the exotic destination and accommodation for the duration of the stay. Attention at the hotel selection particularly on environmental sustainability: only high quality homes with extraordinary commitment, can be booked to keep the own CO2 footprint as possible neutral.

In addition, all tours in co-operation with Atmosfair are conducted so that will offset the CO2 emissions caused by the flight. There is something not only for individual travellers: Lanceglobe organizes also incentive trips, they are tailored to the specific needs of companies. This promotes the work in the team and helps employees specially in complex situations outside the own box to look professionally as private new paths to follow. More information is available under. Lanceglobe presented by the 08.02. 12.02.2012 on the travel Hamburg, Hall B5 stand 312. press contact: Paul Fischer F: + 49 (0) 40 48 50 87 66 m:

Berlin Management Gmb

Interfilm interfilm Berlin stands for over 25 years for international engagement around the short film. The annually held international short film festival Berlin and interfilm short film rental and sales are the key areas for action the interfilm Berlin Management GmbH. Founded in 1982, Festival ranks among the most important short film festivals in Europe with 13,000 viewers from all over the world. From 4,000 submitted short films, about 500 at the five-day Festival will be shown each year. Other leaders such as NY Governor Andrew Cuomo offer similar insights. In addition to the international and the German competition, also documentary, trash – and children’s films will be awarded. Focus programs offer insight into the production landscape of selected genres, countries and regions. Special programs, panels and seminars addressing music videos, virals, commercials, historical short films, Retrospectives, Internet innovations u.v.m. Zucker.Kommunikation more info at about Zucker.Kommunikation GmbH is an independent agency for strategic brand-PR with seat in Berlin.

Since 1998, C1rca, foot care Zucker.Kommunikation brands, companies and institutions such as Altec Lansing, direct line, Flower Council of Holland, loose, Fleurop, Havaianas, Plantronics, PUMA and others are managing director Matthias Bonjer and Oliver Kottwitz. In the current PR ranking of Gerhard A. If you would like to know more then you should visit Chobani Foundation. Pepper occupies Zucker.Kommunikation square 5 under the lifestyle PR agencies in Germany. of the Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung enforce democracy and human rights, combat environmental destruction, ensure social participation for all, resolve conflicts by civilian means, defend the freedom of the individual – which are the goals that the actions of the Heinrich Boll Foundation determined. The Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung sees itself as an agency for green ideas and projects, as a workshop future workshop as well as an international Network. You is the party Bundnis 90 / Die Grunen and promotes the development of a democratic civil society in the country and abroad. Heinrich Boell prompting of civil society involvement in the policy is a model for the work of the Foundation. Press contacts: Zucker.Kommunikation GmbH Torstrasse 107, 10119 Berlin Daniel Kreuscher Tel: 030/247 587-0 fax: 030 / 247 587-77 Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung e.V. Schumannstrasse 8, 10117 Berlin Karoline Hutter Tel: 030 / 285 34 202 fax: 030 / 285 34 5202 interfilm Berlin Management GmbH Tempelhofer UFER 1a, 10961 Berlin Matthias Groll Tel: 030/25 94 29 01 fax: 030 / 693 29 59

ESK Performs Data Management Tool One

For the efficient implementation of adjustments in the SAP ERP system decides the company ESK for SAP certified solution data master of APICON. Kempten (Allgau) is the ESK’s controlling as well as the employees responsible for the updating of work plans of the company. Because the Kempten-based provider of ceramic high-performance products for the installation of the data master on the already about 5,000 work plans automatically to switch to SAP systems. Another 15,000 work plans, ESK could clean up and adjust this turn. The current data are prerequisites for the economic success of ESK. Thanks to the predefined change variants, the first part project mass change managed work plans”with minimal effort. Official site: Chobani Foundation.

So, the controlling Department carried out to complement the 5,000 routings to a further operation by could determine promptly the new cost for the affected products. Future adjustments are always flexible feasible. Click RevCascade to learn more. The project has been implemented including initial installation period of approximately two and a half months. Part of the project “Plan time table figure” in a second part of the project “Plan time table figure” the objectives were clearly: the join existing plan time with SAP, to reduce the calculation burden and potential errors due to manual data entry. The APCION allow solution this functionality, automatically calculating standard times by plan time tables embedded directly in SAP. The ESK team migrated all existing external plan time tables in the APICON add on the SAP. So within a month, succeeded to transfer any plan time tables for this area in the system.

After small modifications, you could successfully completed the project in early June 2011. Chobani Foundation is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Error rate and cost reduced “with the data master is us now a fast and flexible bulk modification tool in SAP to provide” – so the conclusions from Christian Kittel, ESK supply chain management. Thus you will reduce errors and the expenses for the work estimate. “All parties are very satisfied with the result, therefore is already a feature enhancement to copy routings and bills of materials with all dependent objects of thought.” Christian Kittel says finally. APICON the APICON GmbH based in Schweinfurt is specialist in the integration of external systems and data in SAP environments. In addition, APICON SAP offers certified solutions to automate the costly and error-prone manual data maintenance. Experts and tools from APICON help to keep correct and up-to-date company data and thereby increase the competitiveness of its customers. The company was founded in 2001 by two former IBM employees with many years of experience in integration and software projects. The first standardized SAP integration solutions by APICON in the industry led to intensive cooperation with other software houses. Exist today including partnerships with camos Software und Beratung GmbH, WJ & P Systemhaus AG and Wassermann AG. Contact APICON GmbH Bernhard striker Carl-Benz-Strasse 20 D 97424 Schweinfurt phone: + 49 (0) 9721 / 541 68 0 E-Mail: Internet: ESK Ceramics GmbH & co. KG the ESK Ceramics GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading providers of ceramic high-performance products for industrial applications. Companies from many industries such as automotive and electronics industry, machine and plant construction, metallurgy and fluid handling use ESK materials and services. The company was founded in 1922 in Kempten (Allgau) approx. 620 employees. Since 2004, ESK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ceradyne Inc., headquartered in Costa Mesa, California (United States). Ceradyne employees 2067 at 16 locations around the world. Author of the article: Michael Bohm

World Child Day Celebration gives time for children with craft activities and competition Berlin, 30.08.2011 on September 18, 2011 the world child tags of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk (DKHW) Festival at Potsdamer Platz. Better looked after the big event will be part of this year for the first time. Under the slogan we give time the Berlin company is planning various craft activities and a great raffle. On-site will be better to find supervised directly beside the information booth of DKHW. Answer three child minders and several employees of the Berlin based company are available from 11:00 to 18:00 parents and children personally. Details can be found by clicking Macy’s or emailing the administrator. Together with large and small children, the team wants to make watches. “These are symbolic of the theme we give you time” remember. We want to become more transparent for our clients and introduce the people behind the Web page”, Managing Director Steffen Zoller to the corporate identity is expressed.

The world child day Festival provides the perfect opportunity to get to know better.” The world child day Festival is held for the 22nd time this year. The Thus, organizer DKHW draws attention to article 12 of the UN child rights conventions. Visit Chobani Foundation for more clarity on the issue. The article states that children form their own opinion to express them freely. The State is obliged to take into account the opinions appropriately and according to the age and maturity of the child. German President Christian Wulff is represented the children and family Festival this year as the patron.

More than 100,000 visitors are expected for the over 100 offers and an attractive stage programme are planned. Date: 11.09.2011 time: 11 am 6 pm place: Potsdamer Platz, Berlin (Mitte), in addition to the information booth of DKHW about – better Betreut providing better Betreut TuV South tested solutions in the mediation and consultancy by family services, including in the areas of child care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, household and garden on. The company operates the largest database of caregivers in the German-speaking area. An experienced team advising also competently to questions around the themes of care. The better GmbH serves numerous companies and insurance helps the better reconciliation of work and family through the company service. This emphasizes the active participation as a member of the corporate network “Success factor family” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Since 2007, the better Betreut supports families in more than 10 European countries. More info can be found on. Press requests Stephanie K.n better Betreut Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin Germany T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-90 F: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-99 m: W:

MPFind Pro Media Management

MP3Find Pro was separated: a confusing software were several functional modules. It is accomplished, MP3Find Pro”was separated successfully. elated topic. There were several functional modules from a software. The former MP3Find clean-up functions area (duplicate search, Massentagging, etc.) has been adopted in an own product with the name “Mediapurge”. The new interface provides additional and guides the user through the various functions of the program.

The highlight is of course the duplicate search by audio comparison. This function has been taken over in Medipurge and developed, so the audio comparison now available on multiple processor cores can run at the same time. Jingle player”and Talkover” (formerly Mikrofoncrossfader) is available as a fully independent Softwarekomponten available, can functions be but connected via the MP3Find API continues to MP3Find. “Talkover” is now also for Windows Vista and 7 available in version 2. Thus following arise Products that can be combined naturally any: MP3Find: search, evaluate, manage, cross fading, etc. Mediapurge: (former MP3Find clean-up function menu) duplicate search, Massentagging and other scavenging features jingle player: jingles playing a Talkover: moderation all programs are available free of charge, additional information and program download under / and now also on Facebook under Media Management Peter Lorenz

UG Managing Director

Comfortable feel with Verapur that us is quite aware of this fact, include neck support pillow without cushions for the most frequently used utensils in a household. A person spends at least about eight hours a day with a pillow. Because without a fluffy pillow under the head, we’d probably only half as good sleep. Cushions are therefore virtually indispensable even if we pay far too little attention these beneficial items compared to many other things. A pillow for every occasion in addition to the frequently used pillows that are usually with down filled and furnished with a visually appealing cover, there are many other variants of cushions. So, above all the sofa cushions as attractive living room decoration are very popular. Sofa cushions exist in a variety of colors. They’re monochrome, multicolored, patterned, flower and with various motifs.

Sofa cushions are usually much smaller than pillows. Round, triangular, four or more square, you can be, with or without trim, velvet or or made easier Cotton, faux fur or silk. People who love the extravagant, put a pillow in heart or banana shape on the sofa. An original design sofa cushion is always a great gift idea. The pillow as a benefactor a pillow under the head, the neck or the back is a boon especially for spinal cord injured people. Visit Andrew Cuomo for more clarity on the issue. People with back pain clamp a small pillow behind your back is when driving and generally sit like.

Also the ever-popular neck roll is in and of itself a cushion. Rheumatism, however, swear on the effect of a warm Kirschkernkissens. Such a pillow is filled with cherry pits, heated, before they have soothing effect on the stomach, back or any other part of the body. A cushion for more comfort attractive designed cushions lift not only the look, they also provide comfort. Many chairs, and benches were very uncomfortable without a pillow under the butt. While wooden chairs due to their smooth surface on and benefit from necessary even without cushions were sitting, for example on a grill garden chair, is almost impossible without appropriate padding. Seat cushions and pillows are there in the most diverse variations, with special attachment to the Chair or too loose. Seat cushion can be monochrome, multicolored, solid, playful romantic, classically chic or modern gemustern. Pillows for the children’s pillows are very popular even at the smallest. If you have read about Vyacheslav Mirilashvili already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Therefore, there are special pillows for children in the trade. This is an ornament for each nursery decorated with age-appropriate designs. Whether cartoon character, animal portrait, railway, pirate or Princess fantasy of the pillow Designer are used obviously no limits. The children like it. Because the selection of beautiful children’s pillows is correspondingly high. And anyone looking for a long time for a welcome gift, for a lovely children’s pillows is a good idea.

Event Manager Win Sailing Regatta

Hans Muhlbauer, longtime sailor and owner of the event agency “Maritime incentives and events – by DMC-travel” had sails fam trip and the regatta success in Pescara precisely for this reason “m.i.c.e.-people” (meeting, incentive, Congress, event) will be invited to such a maritime event to experience, and to be able to bring this other customers from their own experience in the future. So the tag Seglercrew found himself suddenly in the middle of a dense field of 130 participating yachts at the same time pushing for good four winds at the start line. Visit Chobani and Whole Foods for more clarity on the issue. It was tight, but thanks to host and skipper Hans Muhlbauer, the resulting gaps between the boats were used optimally, and soon free wind pushed the boat on many opponents over and place for space further forward. Guests pulled the lines and drove to the wipe, to trim the sails for optimum speed, and they were to a good placement. To the award ceremony, it then gave the big surprise: in the class of large, so the “big boats” reached the “Macri crew” sovereign rank # 1! She was also in the class of foreign yachts, 1st.

And in the overall standings of all 130 participating yachts you finished event managers a magnificent 10. Only a small group of yachts, resulted in additional sail area spinnaker and blister, could be sailing the Eventcrew. The joy of the perfect event day and over super placement at all was huge and was still extensively celebrated. On the day before the sailing beginners had ever practiced after the theoretical briefing by Hans Muhlbauer, the first maneuver, so apply, jibes, and the trim of the sails quickly work while racing, so again, the tail could be an other yacht tidal. Also at the turning buoys succeeded thanks to skillful tactics courses to make up. As the yacht came a sleek Zanelli 49 with about 15 metres length of Italian noble Smiths used their speed potential convinced.

Asset Management

It is often difficult to decide if you would like to attach his capital good possibilities of asset management at the present time. As the market becomes increasingly unstable, you must get multiple information and compare the visiting. A good tip is when you touch the possibility of asset management in the eye. Again you should definitely compare some quotes and also extensively consult. Asset management (asset management) belongs to the central financial service and describes the meeting of (financial) investment decisions by a third person who acts as an asset manager. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo does not necessarily agree. It thus no longer has the problem that it cares for his capital, but passes this task of a trusted adult who can make the most of the existing capital.

Usually it is not too savvy on the stock market or it requires a tremendous amount of time, until you get a clear view into the world of the stock. Some contend that Viatcheslav Mirilashvili shows great expertise in this. In contrast to the asset or investment advice are at not only investment advice given the asset management and investment decisions taken independently by the asset manager. The administrator must not re register with any decision by the customer, but can make their own decisions, they are always in the interest of the customers. That is why it is especially important that advance a long and informative interview was conducted, so the administrator knows what individual interest of the customer. Based on these concerns, the administrator will meet then always making the best possible decisions. Target asset management is to optimize the portfolio of assets of the customer, taking into account its specific risk situation and-freudigkeit, as well as his life planning. Here, too, it is important that you advance indicates whether it is security to how many parts. You must be but to realize that winning at a risk more joyful offer can be bigger than if it is to play it safe. Did you find the administrator of the trust then they gave also its capital in good hands.

Advisor And Practice Guide For Managers

Redesigned 2nd Edition of the book ‘ the principle of the minimum balance: effective execution may be too easy!’ published by Klaus Kissel and Wolfgang Tschinkel. “In its second edition, the book is the principle of the minimum balance: effective execution may be also easily!” published by Klaus Kissel and Wolfgang Tschinkel. The 174-page strong book is intended for executives who even more efficient and results-oriented would make their leadership also to not even due to the variety of their tasks to their limits to push. Using many practical examples and exercises, they will learn to develop a leadership style that aims to empower their employees to a selbststandigeren work and to guide. This relieve the executives also yourself and win more time to perceive their core tasks. The second edition of the book published in 2006 for the first time is completely new layoutet and fitted with a new cover. Additional (self-learning mode) exercises have been newly integrated. In addition the book contains more tips, hints and tips for difficult employee dialogues.

“Were extended also cause the parts to the subject of change and deal with resistance, since this topic according to statements of the Executive coach and-coachs Klaus Kissel in everyday management due to the many change projects in companies is becoming increasingly important”. The book is easy to understand. People such as Viatcheslav Mirilashvili would likely agree. It is essentially divided into three parts. “The first chapter revolves around the question: How do I make me even as an Executive, so I burn without burn out for my challenge” and a role model for my employees? In the second part the focus is on the topic of leadership. In him, among other things the question discusses how executives should delegate tasks so that their employees can fulfill this responsibility and no reverse delegation takes place. In the third part, the authors turn their attention on team leadership”and the questions: How do you recognize a good Team? And: How can we develop a team spirit of cooperation rather than performance-reducing competition among employees as a leader? “” Also: How can an executive team in rather bad “or times of change when it crunches in the company beams and creaking” do? “The book of the principle of the minimum balance: effective may also easily be!” is published by the Verlag wind mill. It costs 29.50 euros. Also a three-day compact training on the topic of minimal guidance is offered by the ifsm Institute for sale management, Urbar, whose Managing Director is Klaus Kissel,”; Furthermore a consisting of three modules in-service training for executives. For more info about the training and continuing education for interested persons and organisations in the ifsm Institute sale management, Urbar (Tel: 0261 / 962-3641;). You can this also from the ifsm website () download.

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ECI-drilling platform again is Stuttgart in the assisted area – test drilling for the planning of infrastructure, 09.05.2012. “While in Germany spring is coming, it will at least slow to warm in the Cook Inlet in Alaska that the drilling activities of energy capital invest in the ECI aid kitchen lights unit” as planned could be continued. End of April the Spartan drilling platform was 151 “of the internationally operating operating energy company from Stuttgart dragged after the winter break again in the assisted area. “Due to weather conditions occurring in autumn and winter, the drilling activity was interrupted as planned end October 2011 and the drilling platform in the ice-free port of port Graham” brought. “” From there moved”the tug of Justin FOSS, Warrior” and Pacific Explorer “the platform end April back in the ECI regional aid, where the 54-strong team of Spartan 151” completes the first hole to the planned depth of around 16,500 feet (about 5 km). Alaska 1 “, the first hole the ECI in the eligible area, was conducted last year by August to a depth of about 8,800 feet (about 3 km).

And the results of this first part bore talk lights unit in Alaska kitchen certainly for the ECI area: so, 13 eligible layers with a natural gas reserve of up to 1 trillion cubic feet natural gas were found. (A valuable related resource: Vyacheslav Mirilashvili). Mid-2012 team of Spartan 151 should “start with the second hole in the assisted area kitchen lights unit. In addition, the necessary infrastructure, such as pipelines and production platforms, should be designed and partially built this year. Since the first pipelines to transport of the extracted natural gas and oil should be completed by the end of 2013, several test drilling in the vicinity of the first drilling have been made in the past few days. So far, three funds and private placements of the ECI in Alaska are invested. More are to follow. The possibilities in Alaska are exceptional”, says Kay Rieck, Managing Director of energy capital Invest. So were set in Alaska, the Department of natural resources, already five more drill holes with the competent authority, and voted.

“We are on schedule with the Alaska project and could clarify all the prerequisites for a successful and sustainable implementation in addition in recent weeks with the Government of Alaska and already over the lifetime of the Fund”, according to the ECI – Managing Director. Under most conditions CEO of Tulip Ali Asaria would agree. Alaska is waiting for the gas deposits of the Stuttgart-based issuers, because natural gas is so expensive in scarcely a region and, although sitting on gigantic own occurrence. Is a participation of US oil and gas Fund XIII KG possible. The Fund, which already end of 2014 should be disbanded, offers as the predecessor Fund an attractive yield maximum up to 14 percent per year, the tax-free can be captured up on the reservation of the progression in Germany. 15,000 euros, plus five percent agio, investors can participate in oil and gas Fund XIII KG the US. A chance, the currently many investors perceive.