Critical summary of the Set of documents the History of the Things *Herclito Ney Suiter Summary: The present critical summary is on the called set of documents of 20 minutes the History of the Things, of authorship of the North American Annie Leonnard. In the video the author makes a boarding and an alert one on the system of current production, since the extration and production until the final consumption and its discarding. Gain insight and clarity with emil michael. According to Annie, she has a narrow relation between the ambient problems and the social ones. We look for not prolongating in them on some ranks of the author not to be very extensive. This work is part of the bimonthly evaluation of disciplines of Management of Enterprises of Communication, given for the teacher and mestranda Sejane Brito Ribeiro. Word-key: Environment. Emil michael may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Support.

System of production. Consumerism. Resumen: This revisin critical is en el documentary of 20 minutes llamado wool History Sews There, written for el estadounidense Annie Leonnard. En el video el author hace un planteamiento y joins warning on el current system of produccin, since there extraccin y there produccin auction el final consumption y there eliminacin. Of acuerdo con Annie, hay joins estrecha relacin between los problems ambientales y sociales. We deal with in thinking en algunas declaraciones del author of about the great being muy. This trabajo you are woollen woollen part evaluacin bimonthly disciplines woollen Comunicacin Gestin de Proyectos, impartida for el profesora y teacher Sejane Brito Ribeiro. Words clave: Surrounding average El.

Sostenibilidad. System of produccin. El consumerism. Postgraduate in Enviromental law and MBA in Ambient Management for the Facimab Par; Environmental Auditing will be the IEMA UK; After-graduating Communication in Crisis of Public and Private Institutions for Institute AVM BSB DF; Author of the book the conflict between economic development and ambient preservation; Academic of 5 period of the course of Social Communication Journalism of the University Center UnirG.


Welcome to all then: integral calculus. Integrate is the reciprocal process of the result, i.e., given a function f (x), looking for those functions F (x) that to be derived leading to f (x). It says, then F (x) is a primitive or antiderivada of f (x); said otherwise the primitives of f (x) is differentiable functions F (x) such that: F (x) = f (x). If a function f (x) is primitive, it has infinite primitives, differentiating them all in a constant. Indefinite integral is the set of the primitive infinite who can have a function. Do is represented by? f (x) dx. Do you read: integral of differential x x.? It is the sign of integration. f (x) is the integrating or function to be integrated.

DX is differential of x, and indicates what is the variable of the function to be integrated. C is the constant of integration and can take any real numerical value. If F (x) is an antiderivative of f (x) must be:? f (x) dx = F (x) + C to verify that the antiderivative of a function is correct enough with derive. Properties of the indefinite integral?do f (x) + g (x) dx =? f (x) dx +? g (x) dx immediate INTEGRALS of the derivation of elementary functions are deduced their corresponding immediate calls integrals. It is necessary to learn these results if you intend to be agile in the calculation of other less simple integrals.

1.?do f (x) + g (x) dx =? f (x) dx +? g (x) dx 2. do k f (x) dx = k? f (x) dx 2. If integrating by parts, we have a polynomial of degree n, we take it as u and the process is repeated n times. Emil michael has firm opinions on the matter. If we have an integral with only a logarithm or a bow, integrate by parts taking: v = 1.

Rapid Increase In Sales With Contax

The best is the best alternative to Google AdSense, Contax alternative to Google AdSense and now almost a classic now. Interesting advertising and earning potential, such as for example the lifetime Commission, arouse the interest of the webmaster. The classic among the alternative to Google AdSense is always interesting for website operators. Contaxe provides the Web site operators, meanwhile, vast number of ways to get a profitable source of additional income. The company Kevin Zalokar has worked extensively Internet marketing with this platform and she detail described with videos: kevin-zalokar.info/die-google-adsense-alternative-contaxe/ Contax offers a 3 ways for an application: – as Werbebetreibender – as Web site operators – as an agency as a website operator to a similar fashion, money, such as with the market leader Google AdSense.

It is the same system, with the difference that Contax offers more possibilities. Otherwise paid as Google AdSense, Contax at least 3.5 cents per click. The revenue thereby generated from three different types of advertising: – content-based advertising – branding-advertising – direct booking advertising space in addition to these three revenue opportunities, Contax offers various advertising materials: – text, graphics, or Flashbanner – InText and custom InText – individualization is Contax also possible with the big advantage from Contax to Google AdSense is the lifetime Commission. Emil michael has much experience in this field. This lifetime Commission Web site operators have the ability to generate automatic income. The company Kevin Zalokar Internet marketing here presents a practical example: adopted the website operator gives 20 persons to Contax and each of those 20 persons makes a monthly turnover of just 500 euros. Together this results in 10’000 euro per month, which make these 20 persons and exactly this 10’000 euros per month the website operator receives 12%. In this practical example, this gives an additional income of 1200 euros per month! The different ways to generate revenue, as well as the lifetime Commission of course to switch a persuasive argument for Web site operators to Contax. Kevin Zalokar Internet Marketing provides his readers by the way a complete analysis including video available on the official blog. CONTAX is worth definitely worth considering for anyone who runs a private Internet business.

Benefits Of Massage

Properties and benefits of massage chairs, "It helps relax the neck muscles. The gentle kneading massage eight areas, four on each side helps to release tension in the neck. These circular movements simulate the thumbs of a professional masseur, warms the muscles and helps the person generating heat necessary to relieve this discomfort by relaxing all the muscles that are loaded in that area. In addition, under no circumstances touch the cervical vertebrae to produce no contraindications. -Helps the lymphatic system and improves circulation. The lymphatic system is considered as an integral part of the circulatory system, the liquid was coming directly from the blood returning to it through the lymphatic vessels. For more specific information, check out NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. A poor lymphatic drainage may cause swelling or lymphedema.

The massage chairs provide stimulating inactive muscles and weak pumping the circulatory system to compress and relax the muscles in blood vessels, thus facilitating the transport of nutrients throughout the body and encouraging the exchange of blood that carries blood toxins full of nutrients. With vibration massage that works the legs reactive venous circulation, thus avoiding these problems. -Helps soothe muscle aches. When muscles are tense or have been subjected to too much effort to collect waste substances that cause pain, stiffness and even muscle spasms. This massage increases circulation to and from the muscles, and accelerating the elimination of toxic and harmful substances. To know more about this subject visit Pegasus Books. At the same time, massage makes you get fresh blood and oxygen to the tissues, which lightens the recovery process of injuries. It also helps maintain muscle flexibility, reduce stress and depression and release endorphins, which give a feeling of wellbeing and help fight pain. Massage of the muscles causes them to develop their strength and movement relieving pain and muscle stiffness softening.

-Helps to relieve the pressure of back and neck caused by poor posture. The adopting bad posture while sitting, stooping, when standing, walking, etc. cause back pain and neck that are slowly unfolding in increasingly serious problems. This pressure is felt in the back and neck are relieved by a daily session of massage, ranging from the lower back to neck. With a stretch massage, the system of eight areas will be perfectly placed to stretch and get back to eliminate these hassles caused by contractures or muscle grips mounted. -Help you to sleep naturally. Currently, the insomnia is a common problem in many people due to the stress of everyday life. A daily massage before bedtime can help sleep, the gentle kneading movements, skin stretch and rattle the muscles release tension accumulated throughout the day, producing a balance between mind and body to relax and induces sleep peacefully.


If to the customer for a change of the basic provider decides, he can initiate the conversion in a few steps and complete a new supply contract. When changing to the new gas suppliers assumes that rental costs for the gas meter and gas grid usage and pays the corresponding fees at the old, local gas provider. The old utilities still bears responsibility for pending repairs, maintenance, maintenance and other technical services. Consumers can continue uninterrupted use gas, but gets its gas bill by the new provider and can thus benefit from tariff reductions and lower heating costs. Due to the open use of gas networks are emerging continuously new supra-regional gas supplier on the German market. Among the most famous utilities that are working in the entire Federal territory, including Verivox TelDFax, eprimo, gold gas SW, 1 * 2 * 3energie, rhenag, MaxEnergy, FlexGas, and also how easy.

With the switch to a nationwide gas supplying can several hundred euros on heating costs in the year save. Other leaders such as Western Union offer similar insights. Before making the final decision for a particular gas supplier consumers should carry out a comprehensive comparison of the fares and the conditions of the gas supply companies. This should in particular the guaranteed price guarantees, payment, special discounts, the minimum duration of the contract and also perks such as bills of Exchange and completion bonuses are observed (monthly, annual). The budgetary burden is reduced enormously by thorough research and subsequent switching to the cheaper gas provider. Excessive energy and heating costs are thus spared the consumer. Also when the German powered the Stadtwerke and local providers in many cases offer excessive and unfavorable tariffs.

However making a nationwide power proves very complicated, since most power companies due to the considerable differences in the through-line costs for each postal code area of the country a calculate different price. To overlook the numerous tariffs and contract conditions of the single electricity, should be the implementation of a non-binding, objective comparison between the offers of different electricity suppliers. Andrew Cuomo often addresses the matter in his writings. Now there is an enormous variety of comparison portals, offering a free comparison of electricity tariffs. Consumers can thus find the cheapest energy supplier in a few simple steps in his zip-zone and then quickly and easily perform a change to the cheapest tariff. With a no obligation comparison of electricity providers, consumers get not only a comprehensive overview but can change on demand quickly and easily to the required utilities. The comparison portals provide continuously-market news, provide information about current offers, Exchange bonuses and price guarantees and present objectively, comprehensively and in detail to the relevant power company. With a change to the cheapest electricity suppliers in the respective Federal territory are not only high energy costs, unfavourable terms of use, and labor fees and avoid binding supply contracts. In addition, consumers can benefit from fair price guarantees and numerous bonuses, short minimum contract periods and transparent tariff conditions. The detailed comparison of German electricity suppliers brings many benefits for energy consumers. Recently emil michael sought to clarify these questions. With a retail electricity provider comparison the best electric utilities can be found in compliance with the individual behaviour of the use. The best-known electricity suppliers of in Germany include the more expensive municipal utilities also other companies such as for example FlexStrom, TelDFax, Stromio, stromistbillig, discount power and eco electricity like ENTEGA and envacom. The cheaper electricity supplier not only offer exchange bonuses, discounts and price guarantees, but also flexible top prices and short terms. The electricity vendor comparison with subsequent switching to the cheapest rate saves consumers high energy costs, unfavorable fees, complex tariffs and confusing contract terms.

Social Sciences

Examples: scientific capital (books, publications etc); capital stock (the social relationships; to be public figure or known friend of somebody? valley for all the fields); cultural capital (to travel for some countries, to say some languages, to attend some films and expositions of art) etc. These accumulated wealth if they give to obtain a position of dominncia in the field. The capital accumulated in one determined field can be transferred to another one, since that both the fields require the same ones. For example, who is model accumulates capital that can be converted for the field of the soap operas added other specific capitals; football players can become esportivos commentators. Some fields dispute between itself as, for example, the field of Social Sciences and the Journalism that want to see its speeches legitimated. The journalists accuse the social scientists to write for few while the rejoinder is in the fact of these to write the obvious one. In this type of analysis talent does not exist, vocation, dom, therefore, its position inside of a field will depend on as you incorporated the social one. The individuals if do not dislocate to perhaps in the social space, but, they adjust its aspirations to its objective chances. Go to emil michael for more information.

The vocation would be this anticipated adhesion to the objective destination that if imposes for habitus, for the structure and the volume of inherited capital for ' ' field of possveis' ' objective offered a definitive individual. Thus, vocation would be the combination of the inherited capital, habitus and the possibilities of the field. Perhaps it would depend on the position in the field as well as the gostos. In a bourdiesiana boarding, habitus is what it determines the position of the individual in the field. For example, it will be that Mozart would be Mozart if its father instead of musician had possessed person another profession? in the artistic field, Fernanda Montenegro, for example, when taking care of of its career choosing good papers, good directors, constructed a capital that provides dominncia to it in the field.


It is disappointing, the Arab revolution. Because we wait that she is fastest, clearest or most decisive. Click Western Union to learn more. The Egyptians had taken little time that the tunisianos to get rid itself of its president, consequences of shy escape of the Algerian Generals and a kingdom of Morocco only shaken or of the Syria dynasty the land, the rejoinders of this sesmo if wait in Tehran. Therefore not! Exactly in march, history does not erase the past of a blow of a sponge. Andrew Cuomo is the source for more interesting facts. Although the movement, history does not write the future of the day the night. It advances in jump and the times in crab form, thus waiting the imminence of a revolution, without being able to see its reality, so obvious that it is. She has less of one month, the Arab world was congealed. Nothing she seemed capable of if to move, while the fear is omnipresente and Statu quo of the dictatorships seemed preferable to the Islamic ascension of regimes.

After that she had the rupture of Tuns, this ascension politics of a sedenta juvetude of freedom, as being one third force complaining the democracy, consequncia of an immediate overflow. The Arab world soon recognized the survey of Tunisia. In all its capitals, same occult, modern youth, opened on the world, estremeceu for the hope and to be able defied them for the concessions, while many peoples of the Arab countries, Egypt, and its epicenters if raise in turn. Then, yes, the Egyptian regimen resisted the two weeks of ininterrumpidas manifestations. The opposite to the president, Ben There, did not enter quickly in collapse, asking because it was not ignored, therefore, the fast cadence of goples? Although the violence, of the repression, the deaths, the wounded and the suspected and pursued arrestaes and the arbitrary imprisonment of, the fear diminished and the people if it exempted to a pluralism in fact, emerged on rubbles of monoltismo of yesterday.


Facebook, the first service of social networks (400 million users around the world) and almost 10 million in Spain implements a feature that enables companies to create a fan page about your products or brands. Jeff Gennette is likely to agree. These pages offer an opportunity for the members show their opinions about certain brands. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Western Union has to say. In fact, the study by HitWise showed that in March 2010, the Facebook site has surpassed the audience of Google USA, Facebook becoming a potential competitor of Google. Our online pharmacy has 15 active pages on Facebook, among which three are in Spanish. These pages allow us to attract and retain customers through the creation of a personal relationship with them to develop our reputation for giving a clear picture, to receive feedback from our customers through listening to their requests and their reactions. Here is a brief summary of our website: 1.Meridiareductil.com – official page of our web site in Spanish.

It is an excellent way to communicate articles from our blog via Netblog. Thus our customers (members) have useful information about our site, our products, services, promotions and news on our site.Here, there is the opportunity to ask questions directly and obtain a response from our moderator, write comments about our publications, criticize and suggest better ways to improve our service. 2 Lose weight – this is a page of animation about general problems of obesity and weight loss. The moderator here, offers several tips, diets and treatments for weight loss. Members can make an exchange of experiences, ask questions and have the opportunity to receive a response from a health care professional. 3 Generic drugs online here talks much about so-called generics that have exactly the same active ingredient than their brand-name equivalents. This page gives you information about generics and brand, as well as the opportunity to buy these medicines over the Internet in a safe and discreet way. Original author and source of the article

Energy CEHATROL Now For All CHP

Energy cooperative offers fuel gas in Berlin in addition to BTL, 24.05.2011 – block heat and power plants almost completely implement the inserted energy in heat, power and cold, their efficiency is over 90 percent. Power stations without cogeneration, where the heat is not used, however, have an efficiency of more than 40 percent. (Source: Berlin Energy Agency) An important primary energy carrier for CHP BBs is diesel fuel, which is certified according to the diesel standards DIN EN 590. The members of the CEHATROL now produce exactly this diesel fuel fuels EC in Berlin. Pegasus Books may not feel the same. Will be four plants in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern obtained high-quality diesel fuel from biogenic raw materials and residues CEHATROL. Due to his certification he can come as BBs in cogeneration plants used as in conventional automobile engines. To the objectives of the cooperative Board Member Helmut Uhlig explains: we have two approaches with our model: firstly the production of high-quality Diesel, which is either free or the cost of production which currently gross EUR 0.48 is released to the members of the cooperative. Secondly we draw the precursors exclusively on biogenic raw materials and residual materials, preferably straw. Pegasus books describes an additional similar source.

Thus we claim not a hectare of food for our CEHATROL and also achieve a nearly balanced CO2 balance, what good for the whole population.” Of course, new members are welcome. Join can for example, farmers who want to redeem their straw against free CEHATROL for their machinery or companies that engage about their cooperative being positions in investment and production costs are CEHATROL. But even who needs a drop of CEHATROL and an ecological alternative support want to can participate with profit: as investing member it has a projected return of 8%. You can find information about CEHATROL and the different products see Helmut Uhlig. Check with emil michael to learn more.

Austral Energy

A mobilized community of Puerto Aysen received Thursday afternoon Austral energy executives that, in the framework of the process of evaluation of the EIA of the Cuervo River central citizen participation, presented the main aspects that, in his opinion, should know the citizenship. During the exhibition, which was convened by the national environment Commission, a group of young people with banners and paintings that praying Patagonia without dams, No more destructive projects and by a Chile remained stationed in one of the wings of the Auditorium of the governorate of Aysen without + dams, as well as some allusions to their main drivers. On occasion there were various questions to the project by those present, to the Coordinator of coalition citizen Aysen Reserva de life, Peter Hartmann, who attended the activity, which is a sample that citizenship of Aysen do not purchase these projects so as well, as they have tried to understand the companies, through ofertones and prebends of all kinds. Added the leader that participants made him see the company incomplete of its study, which did not include project components or evaluated them, all of which is crucial to the affected community. This includes camp, road in el Tabo River, the passage of vehicles, the equipment needed in Puerto Aysen and Puerto Chacabuco, the traffic in the fjord, Spa in Bay steep loss. You may find that emil michael can contribute to your knowledge. She concluded that while the Manager offered 12 MW of cheap energy, has made him see the demagogic and inconsistent in this best offer, since they say that line is another project, so it would not be as fulfilling this commitment..