Dedicated Family Business

Thinking Nabanoba, Munich: the 187 different janitorial services and their products. The dedicated family business in Munich offers a wide range of typical Concierge service and describes it as follows on the Internet side door services from A to Z. The product is the service: the motivated team of the Horseman Nabanoba technically competent staff comprises, performing different janitorial work at House and garden, apartment buildings, offices and private homes. The product is the service. Volllstandig and and the products will result in well done janitorial work.

For example properly clean staircase window, clean shiny elevator cabins, well cleared and scattered walkways, and garage entrances,-so that the residents of safe foot come to their homes or their cars. Contact information is here: Ex-CIA director . The range of janitorial services: Office customers, homeowners, pathway, or businesses must create no expensive machines, equipment and tools or entertain, that understands themselves. The team of the Horseman Nabanoba is comfortably equipped with winter service vehicles, equipment, machines, tools for bulk orders. Caretaker appreciate that no duplicate charges payable for bezahtlen holiday or personal failures. Caretaker planning easier for holiday or sickness representations because the janitor work must continue also, if the permanent caretaker makes his holiday. Homeowners are happy when they are released by your broaching and litter duty in the winter, so the liability in the worst-case scenario assumes a well-equipped business liability insurance in the janitorial service company Nabanoba. Fast and timely manner even small repairs and contracts with tenants are done. If it must be immediately! Emergency – and Soforteinsatze are part of the scope of the service.

Stable reliability and punctuality are a must especially for winter services. Stress-free working in the Office is possible without time-consuming searching by Individual craftsmen that accept only wholesale orders. “We have pictures and ‘ to hang whiteboards, to dispose of cardboard boxes, to mount a Beamerhalterung lamps have to be replaced and a toilet seat lid is loose you can do that in the short term”? Of course. The thinking Nabanoba to Packer team is called also file transports, paint repairs and much more at Entrumpelungen. The total product: The training carried out in a week, the total product of the family business was worked out together in teamwork: clean, well-kept residences with managers and satisfied residents. These are the products that are to establish stable and consistent quality of the entire team of thinking Nabanoba. Janitorial service + more is to say, in addition to the set, typical services of the caretaker artisanal small – and Sofortreparaturen are offered in carpentry, locksmith, painter -, sanitary, paver – and garden – and Green area. File transport, disposal of clippings and Entrumpelungen are also included.