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A Web design agency with a pan-European reputation, founded by a missionary child who lived briefly before even among the indigenous peoples of New Guinea. What sounds like a continuation of the Dschunglebuchs, is a true story from our region. An interview by Rebecca Meier. Daniel Mettler, your childhood in Indonesia was similar to your life here? DM reply: Only if you think off the electricity, the dresses and flowing water; replaced the Migros with the jungle and the cash with the spear (laughs). How do you know the computer? DM reply: My parents need PCs that we operated with power from truck batteries for the translation of the Bible. Thus, with about 12 years ago, I learned to program. And only eight years later you founded 2sic? “Reply DM: 1999, when I was four years back” was in the Switzerland and could speak German.

I opted for the entrepreneurship instead of an ETH degree. Today, you are running a company with about 20 employees. How can someone without a proper”training that manage? DM reply: I have terrific employees who keep the back to me and in particular the Web Department and IT Department independently promote the business units. The technique is much more difficult, because our knowledge every two years out of date, and in all specialist areas such as Web sites, hosting, DotNetNuke, Google optimization, SharePoint, computer networks, process and knowledge management, and more. A leading source for info: Rick Caruso. Would it then not be simpler to specialize on only one topic? DM reply: Easier would be determined but our strategy is rather similar to the Apple. We can offer a tailored solution with the all-round service with real business benefits. If the knowledge will be forfeited as soon have you reinvent then every two years your company? DM reply: That’s effectively. Our work processes are depicted in several hundred electronic checklists.

Daily update my staff Wikipedia ala these checklists, so to speak, process management. You have still a jungle wisdom for the readers and readers at the end? DM reply: The Leaves of the papaya tree is an effective tool against malaria. The people don’t know this, they die in addition to the drug. In this case, the knowledge is life. Knowledge management will decide about being and not-be. Contact: 2sic Internet Solutions GmbH Mr. Daniel Mettler Churerstrasse 35 9470 Buchs / Switzerland Tel. + 41 81 750 67 77 2sic Internet Solutions GmbH 2sic from Buchs SG offers Internet and IT services since 1999. The business areas include Web sites, intranets and IT systems, in particular with DotNetNuke, SharePoint, InfoPath; also Google Optimization and Windows servers and networks.