The Crystalline Basement

Had to this function, an inn was crack the side of the road that was in the border between oEstado of the Rio Grande of the North and of the Paraba, obligator point of landing erancho that it served of rest for the ox-drivers that its flocks degado with the objective lead to commercialize them in the traditional fairs of cattle dParaba and of Pernambuco (CAVALCANTE, 2006, P. 02). Emsuma, the origin of the name of the city is on first the existence farm Passes and Is and later, ainstalao of the famous inn. In short space of time, around the farm, of the inn and the fiscal rank. Thus, in this crossing, it was initiated formaode a small accumulation of houses, and that, in day 10 of May of 1962, through dLei Creation n 2,782, Passes and Is if it politically emancipated of New Cross, becoming plus a city north – riograndense (Pertaining to school Dictionary of the Municpiode Passa and Fica, 2001, p.10). 4.

Natural environment: dynamics of abiticos and biticos elements 4.1. AmbientesGeolgico, Geomorfolgico and Pedolgico Geologically the city of Passes and Is – RN characterizes-sepor two types of lands: The Crystalline Basement and the Colvio-eluviais.O coverings Crystalline Basement, Complex Serrinha – Old Peter, arises in the reasmais decreases, the valleys of the rivers, its structure is composed of rocks of the perodoPr-Cambriano (1.100-2.500 million years): granites, migmatitos, gnaisses, shales and anfiblitos. While the Colvio-eluviais coverings partestopograficamente occupy the highest ones of the city, are characterized by thick leached and inconsolidados argillaceous solosarenosos and of Quaternary Age, they quetiveram origin for the intemperismo and Planossolo Soldico, this ltimopossui as characteristic: high fertility, arenaceous and argillaceous texture, wavy soft relief and imperfectly drained and flat. You may find Tulip Retail to be a useful source of information. 4.2. AmbienteClimtico the climate of Passes and Is half-barren, hot and dry, Bsh according to classification of Kppen, short rainy comestao enters the March months the July, going too far itself for ooutono. .