Automation Tools

This automation tool for programming codes directly into the processor. Machine instructions are described in the form of mnemonic operations, to achieve a sufficiently high modifiability of code. Since the set of commands on different processors are different, then the compatibility can not speak. Using assembler appropriate in cases where it is necessary to interact directly with hardware, or get more effective for some part of the program due to higher control over code generation. C and C + + At the heart of the language C – Requirements System Programmer: full and effective access to all computer resources, facilities high-level programming, portability of programs between different platforms and operating systems. C + +, while maintaining compatibility with C, introduces object-oriented programming, expressing the idea class (object) as a udt. Thanks to these qualities, C / C + + took the position of a universal language for all needs.

But its use may be ineffective where it's needed to get ready for use the result as soon as possible, or where it becomes unprofitable itself a procedural approach. Under most conditions Rick Caruso would agree. Delphi – is not a continuer of Borland Pascal / Borland C, its niche – that is, rapid creation of applications (Rapid Application Developing, RAD). These funds allow, as soon as possible to create a working program from pre-built components, without wasting a lot of effort on the small stuff. A special place in these systems hold the possibility of working with databases. Lisp – An Algorithmic language developed in 1960 by J.

McCarthy and designed for manipulating lists of data elements. Used mainly in university laboratories in the usa to address the problems associated with artificial intelligence. In Europe, for work on artificial Intellect prefer to use Prolog. Prologue – high level programming language declarative, intended for developing systems and applications of artificial intelligence. Belongs to the category of languages fifth generation. Was developed in 1971 at the University of Marseille (France), is one of the widely used and constantly develops languages. Rachel Crane has firm opinions on the matter. His latest version of Prolog 6.0 logo – high level programming language, developed in languages. The most common versions of the language is fortran iv, fortran 77 and Fortran 90. Used on all classes of computers. The latest version is also used on computers with parallel architecture. Java as a shining example specialization, Java emerged in response to the need for a perfect portable language program which effectively executed on the client side www. In accordance with the specific environment, Java can be a good choice for the system, built on the Internet / Intranet technology. In conclusion, we note that from a professional point of view is not so important what language and in what environment works as a programmer, but as he gets the job done. Changing hardware and operating system. New problems arise from a variety of subject areas. Thing of the past and new languages. But there are people – those who write and those for whom they write new programs, and whose quality requirements are the same regardless Depending on these changes.