Being Official

Although to verify a true revolution in the form as we communicate in them, still it has many people who if feel a linking to a letter or postal ticket. After all, which of these solutions is most effective? which the advantage and disadvantages associates? Let us start with an analysis sucinta, of oldest for most recent. Letters or postcards have that to be considered in accordance with two different forms of use: private and official use. The disadvantages of a letter or postcard are currently clear: when being done of paper they thus complain that more trees are cut, contrubundo for the desflorestao; Moreover, they finish for> if to speak in the private sphere. A letter means that somebody took off time to compose a text for us especially and this has an increased value. Being that recycled paper can be used, the question of the desflorestao is at least partially decided. the stamps finish for becoming of all the forms elements of coleco of much historical interest, what it is gold on blue for who likes stamps but cannot be widened very in the expenses.

In the case of an official letter, this functions as a written guarantee that something was transmitted: an update of data, an invoice, a proposal of new service, etc. If to pass the successor of the letters, e-mails, still find many similarities between both: somebody if dips to write a text for us, even so that through a computer it can seem one> little less personal. Disadvantages moreover are that nor all have access to the Internet and still nor all are to the will with the new technologies, especially the ones that have plus some age. Moreover, an email is not optimum way to decide official subjects, as for example claims or contractos, since most of the time this type of communication falls in ragged bag. Many companies do not take serious the complaints, suggestions or asked for that they receive through email. However, the general implementation of the email was as the discovery of a gold mine: all want a piece. Cmoda is a form not to communicate: it does not need extra adereos, only of a computer and access to the Internet.

He is cheap and he is fast, arriving at the addressee in few seconds, despite it if finds of the other side of the world. Finally, when analyzing the private or public messages related with the nets partners, seem that we discover the type of message is tendencialmente very different and that if smiley called emoticons compose this type of message. The layers youngest had adhered in mass and same the companies do not leave to use this type of communication for marketing. However, the personality of the message finishes for peder itself and exactly becomes almost estandardizada and public.