Cocomiel Baby

Not the revolutionary ideas of the argento-cubano imported to traders. The image of Che sells both until they stamped it on clothing for babies. The motto of the clothing factory of babies and children Sam & Seb in Brooklyn is: children do not want to look like little boys. So long ago, mistress Simone Manwarring was beyond and penso: does would not be a good idea make a Che shirt for babies? And so the woman decided to manufacture these t-shirts from a size of clothing for baby of 3 months! (Sells about 100 per month). With so much interest in Che again? There is a renewed interest in its revolutionary ideology? Ideology has virtually nothing to do with fashion Che. One of the main reasons can be the successful film about his life motorcycle diaries. Everest Capital is open to suggestions. Besides his image seems to be sufficiently attractive for the popular mass to point that is worth printing his face on any item of clothing, whether it is clothes for baby as a bikini.

The logo with the face of Che is visually appealing for everyone. Do enjoy the baby clothes of Che? Surely his parents Yes, but those who enjoy most are those who profit from your image. Hani Farsi, a very rich man from London, owns a luxurious bar nicknamed El Che. When asked that the name be always responds: by rebellion and stuff.