Grunwald Private

Health care reform 2011 comes in the statutory health insurance one thing is certain: the contributions to statutory health insurance (GKV) will rise from 1 January 2011. Learn more at: Rachel Crane. Unfortunately here any performance gains are carried out, on the contrary. As legally insured, you have already now been usually restrictions (E.g. doctor who has been approved by Treasury, generics, dorm, etc.). Nevertheless you will be asked from year to year more to checkout.

At the same time, the scheduled additional contribution from 2011 to no longer will be capped. Here, your statutory health insurance (GKV) demand may require a basically ungedeckelten additional post from you. Of course, the statutory health insurance has also its good sides (such as family insurance, household help, mother-child treatment, etc.). Due to the Sozialensystemes and these still existing advantages, are determined by the different health care reforms, benefit cuts and increased contributions. At the same time trying on the side of the “statutory health insurance (GKV) “to boycott the”private health insurance system (PKV) “.” Recently read the statutory health insurance impose an Einstwillige disposition of an advertising campaign of the Association of private health insurance (PKV-Verband). Unfortunately in vain, because the Cologne regional court saw no denigration of the statutory health insurance (GKV) in this intense action, the injunction was discontinued. Now the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) can go on again with your advertising message.

Want to be which insured, not insured by a debt-free health care system? Basically every insured should choose his own desired services. This is possible only in the private health insurance (PKV). In the private health insurance save usually your free choice of doctor, a non-cancellable performance catalogue, which includes also a zukunfsorientierte medicine. Contact: global health insurance A.S.