Municipal Hospitals

Passo Fundo, Municipal Hospital and the Bad Attendance Today were one of those days where to be citizen of this country, something is extremely constrangedor. When being obliged serving in them of one I benefit that according to constitution is right of all the been born ones in this land, what Cesar evidenced itself in the Municipal Hospital Dr. Saints in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande Do Sul, was plus one of the countless examples of arrogance and intransigncia on the part of doctors who unhappyly still are part of the picture of professionals of the health area. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Pegasus Books. After waiting for attendance for one hour and ten minutes one anci with more than seventy years, presenting a picture of air lack and indisposio, the aged one, to the being called for the consultation had the company of its son barred for the doctor, who according to it, the entrance of companion during the consultation is vetoed by the direction of the Municipal Hospital Dr. Cesar Saints of Passo Fundo. However, if a child to need cares medical, is of if waiting that a responsible a folloies, certain? the aged one? All we know that our Velhinhos needs our presence in such a way how much a child, is not really? People with advanced age need companion of the doctor’s office inside, and she does not have of being no arbitrary doctor who will go to hinder! Then that rule she-ass is he is that permeio the corridors of the ignorance inside of our paredes of cement that had been constructed with the public money and that it serves to torture and to humiliate its users! It is what of the one to think itself of doctors whom they prefer to be alone with the patient in its cubculos so that it does not have witnesses of its dishonest behavior and executioner. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo understood the implications. What it occurred with the user of the Only System of Health, in this Saturday 28 of May approximately to 16 30, here in the Capital of Literature, was plus a test of that, if really it has norms as it is why he is all making a mistake and necessary of change. To start for the truculento doctor and without flexibility to deal with who if it finds in a fragilizado state finishes for corroborating with a comprometedora image of its managers and of its Mayor, who in Passo Fundo is here of the PDT and if he calls Airton Lngaro Dipp! If the rules are shes-ass, they change for that are humanizadas and in favor of the civility, or will be that here in Passo Fundo it is banal to go against the evolution? Doctor as what he gave planto in this Saturday 28 of May of 2011 in the Municipal Hospital Dr. Cesar Saints, must be moved away before he contaminates the remaining portion of the oranges and really transforms the PDT into a party ' ' partido' '! Jose R. Berton Journalist