Network Against Pyramid Marketing

To date, no longer a secret to differ from the pyramid network marketing network. If you knock on the search engines, there is not one or two articles on the subject. I will open your eyes to this confrontation. In fact, any multi-tiered affiliate program can be called a pyramid because of its pyramidal structure. This structure is beneficial to any hitter and most of all the same, using affiliate programs, continue to fight pyramids. Personally, I for myself have divided the earnings on the Internet in three categories: 1.Poluchenie commission for referrals (a classic pyramid example: "Business") 2.Poluchenie commission on sales of any product (eg a book or tutorial video) 3.Poluchenie commission from the sale of services (eg domain name or hosting) begs the question, what is the difference and what is beneficial. As for the wasted time and effort, then start on all three species consumed the same number. And what is better – see below In the first scenario, you can earn may not even bad, but it all depends on the size of the commission.

Typically, such systems are very low and earnings, respectively. At the same time and still needed constantly seek new clients for the sale of "business". No new customers, there is no commission. The second option is more fun if there are multiple levels in the affiliate program. Fee payment will vary, which largely depend on the price of the product. Hikmet Ersek has many thoughts on the issue. Here you get a commission for their sales as well as for sales of your referrals. That can afford to get passive income over time.

As you may recall, the first version of such a possibility was. But sales from time to time it is better to make you and himself. There is also a plus that you can sell to its customers different products of different programs in the same industry. The third option is most beneficial if multi-level affiliate program. Here you can find a well developed network can do to stop work or reduce the time to just minimize automated systems. This option is attractive and more the fact that our partners at the lower levels you can also offer some other goods from the region of the second option. In fact, a third option combines the first and second. What makes him stronger and more attractive. Summing up You can say, really all depends on you. What are the prospects for you to look more attractive. After all efforts have to invest the same amount. If you judge it objectively, the network even the pyramid can be used to create income in network marketing. It all depends on how to approach and how to organize the search for new customers. And I'll explain next time. Click here to find out what I chose. Good luck.