Thrift Supervision

The question that arises here is that the justification given by Paulson does not seem to be an element that arose unexpectedly since from before being approved they megaplan, knew that the same was going to delay in being applied and to have positive effects. It is for that reason that the raised argument does not seem to have too much sustenance. Andrew Cuomo is actively involved in the matter. Although the purchase of toxic assets stopped being the priority for Paulson, not therefore the generation again financing, beyond the banking system, which is considered vital for the recovery of the American economy. For that reason Paulson announced that the EDF and the Treasure are studying the development of a line of credit destined to values endorsed by assets of maximum quality AAA and to animate to the deprived investors to return to this market. On the other hand, from the EDF, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Office of Thrift Supervision has been requested to them to the American banking organizations that contribute to the recovery of the economy generating credit. For it they have issued a joint official notice in which it is possible to be read: the agencies hope that all the banking organizations fulfill their fundamental roll in the economy like intermediaries of credit to companies, reliable consumers and other borrowers. In addition, Paulson and Bernanke are working to obtain the reactivation of the automotive market, so hard struck by the crisis, as we would comment previously, generating financing for the acquisition of vehicles.

For indebted the hypothecating ones, the Federal Agency of Financing of Houses, announced a plan of consisting of aid the reduction of the interest rates, limits in the value of the tie quota at the level of familiar entrance and extensions of the term of the mortgages until a lapse of 30 or 40 years. The multiplicity of announcements that realises the American government and the changes in the taken decisions, inevitably makes think that EE.UU., does not have a defined plan to leave the present crisis. All seem to be uncoordinated efforts and without a clear idea. This ignites an alert light since the North American government could get to squander several thousands of million dollars without obtaining the awaited results. Which is the plan to remove to EE.UU from the crisis? I believe that it is the question on which Obama will have to work to articulate all the efforts realised by the government of an effective way. For it, it will have to realise a deeper diagnosis of the situation to identify the weak points on which to work. Obama has to favor that its election has renewed the hope of the American town, but has against with the course of the time, if it does not obtain results in the short term, the pressures will increase.